Synco G1 A2 Wireless Microphone's Serious Issue & An Afternoon Out With Friends

I have talked about my negative experience with the Synco G1 A2 Wireless Microphone previously (read here) though in that blog article I did not mention which brand and model the microphone was. I am not going to repeat what I have said before in full detail, but the summary is - if a lavalier microphone is attached the Synco G1 will have a severely distorted audio recording. I think this is unacceptable for a product having such significant bug/issue/error/flaw, it should not have existed in the first place, and there was no workaround for this problem. I cannot recommend this microphone to anyone. You can either read my full experience in that previous blog post or my latest vlog which I have just posted here (click to video). 

Synco G1 - Not Recommended

I spent the rest of the Saturday catching up with my friends Jackie and Jaslyn. That's pretty much my timetable these days, I'd work and hustle hard during the week days - shooting for jobs (still not getting as many bookings as I'd like), making content for my YouTube channel, either shooting for sample photographs or filming my talking head videos and then spend ridiculous amount of time editing the footage. Then when weekend comes, I'd try to free up my time to catch up with friends. I purposely designed my timetable that way because most of my friends are only free on the weekends, as they all have the typical 8-5 day job. And I need friends in my life, or I might just go insane talking to myself all the time in my videos. 

Of course, there are exceptions, sometimes I do get job bookings in the weekends, and that takes priority. Other than that, it would be a full day out having over dramatic conversations and perhaps too much good food. Oh and there will always be coffee too, I need my coffee throughout the day. 

My friends and I went to Da Bao for lunch, Lucy In The Sky for coffee and finally Soong Kee for beef noodles. You can find all these in the same vlog too. 

Rice Bowl with Pork

IG @jackieloi

IG @jaslynloo

Lamb Bao

Pork Bao

In case you have not noticed I have a second YouTube channel specifically for my vlogs. They are separate from my main photography channel, and will not show much about photography or camera related topics. The vlog channel functions as a place for me to do anything I want without pressure or stress. The channel is still small and I am in no rush of growing the audience, in fact I like how small it is, seems more intimate and personal the connection that I make with my existing crowd. It is also a place to experiment with different gear (I started using action camera and drones in my vlog channel, not the main channel) and try different styles of editing without any consequence to the main channel. 

The second channel allows me to share a bit more about myself - the places that I go to, people that I hang out with, the food that I eat, the events that I attend, or any other random everyday stuff that are completely non-photography related and would be deemed out of topic for the main channel which is super focused on photography only. I need a place to talk about something else other than photography and cameras all the time, and it does not matter if anyone watches the vlogs or listens or not, I just need an outlet! Or I might just go crazy talking about cameras all the time. 

I also don't want to spend too much effort in the second vlog channel - my priority is still the main photography channel as it brings in significant chunk of my income. I spend 1-2 full days, sometimes more to make one video for the main channel. If I were testing a camera or lens it might take a full week of shooting - 3-4 days shooting at various locations to get enough sample shots before I can start talking about the performance of the gear I tested. Therefore, for the vlog second channel it will be me doing what I am already doing - going somewhere, doing something, meeting friends - and just bring the camera along and record anything that is happening. Instead of creating something out of nothing, the vlog is merely a simple and straightforward documentation of my life, really. Nothing too fancy. And it should require minimum effort, and if it takes too much work I will scrap the vlog and go back to my main priority - spending more time shooting for commercial jobs or making content for the main photography channel. 

I am now 28 episodes in for the vlog channel and I quite enjoy what I do there, sometimes even more than my main channel. I guess when I can just be myself and not having the pressure to think about topics that will hit the right mark with the audience or worrying about managing YouTube algorithm or if monetization will work effectively, it is indeed more enjoyable making videos. 

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