More Nikon D50 Adventures

I have grown to really like the Nikon D50 which I acquired for the price of just a few cups of coffee (not kidding). I have been shooting more street stuff with the D50 and 50mm F1.8 D recently. There really is nothing that crazy about an old camera with measly 6MP count, and ISO capped at 1600, and I used mostly ISO200 for my shots. The 50mm on D50 was extremely limiting, with the 1.5x crop factor I was effectively shooting at 75mm the entire time. Yet there is the thrill of shooting with a lesser, outdated camera that keeps me going, the thought that I was not using the latest, super overpriced and best technologically equipped camera from today made me try even harder to get my shots the way I like them. What do I gain out of shooting with the dinosaur D50? Satisfaction. 

Image by Mugilan Rajamohan (IG @mugil_rajamohan)
Used with permission

I was out wondering the streets on fine Sunday morning and I bumped into Mugilan, who is a fellow blog reader and subscriber to my YouTube! I still find it strange meeting my audience on the streets when I am doing my shutter therapy, mainly because my audience are mostly not from here locally. The analytics from Google shows that my readers/subscribers come from US, UK, Australia and various European countries. Malaysia is ranked out of top 10, believe it or not, and here not many people know of my existence, and I love it that way to be honest. Once in a while, people do recognize me and it is a pleasure to exchange conversations and ideas with fellow photographers and especially with those who also do street photography. Mugilan shoots mainly with film and he told me he got into Micro Four Thirds because of me! Oh dear. I hope you enjoy the system, and thanks for the awesome portrait of me!

Here are some shots from the same outing, all shot with Nikon D50 and 50mm F1.8 D lens. Nothing fancy, just what caught my eye and I reacted by pressing the shutter button. 

This is Mugilan! Thanks dude for saying hi, keep the shutter clicking. 

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  1. Shutter therapy is always refreshing, and I like your way of showing things. Thank you!

  2. Is picture #16 a new Robin Wong sideline or part of a mission to clothe the subjects in picture #18? :-)