Shutter Therapy Adventures in Kuching, BORNEO

Back in December 2021, I managed to return to my hometown in Kuching, Borneo to visit mum, spend time with friends, eat good food and of course, I did not miss the opportunity to do some shutter therapy. I thought it would also be nice for me to show you guys around, now that I have started doing POV style video for my street photography sessions. 

I have made two videos on the main channel for this trip. The first one I have published last week about the one lens I used for the entire two weeks in Kuching shooting multiple photography sessions, which was the Zuiko Digital 14-54mm F2.8-3.5 II lens (video here, if you missed it). And the new video, which I have just published concurrently with this blog entry, is a POV of how I captured some of the street shots featured in that first video, and this second video I am bringing you with me around town, you get to see what I see and how I got my shots. 

I always enjoy doing shutter therapy in Kuching, my hometown. It is a smaller place, everywhere is easier to get too, the place has slower pace, more relaxing vibes and more importantly the people are generally friendlier. The only one hindrance stopping me from doing street shooting more often in this particular trip was due to the bad weather - it rained heavily for the almost entire two weeks I was home. I know some would argue that Olympus gear is weather-sealed and you can get some unique shots in the rain doing street photography. I beg to differ. The camera and lens may be weather-sealed, but I am not, and I cannot afford to fall sick, I was staying with mum, who was not getting any younger. Also, I prefer my shots in harsh light, with defined shadows and directional lighting. It is just my style which I have grown to love.

The location of shoot for the images shown in this blog entry is at Waterfront, Kuching and its surrounding areas. I walked along the Carpenter Street, Ewe Hai Street, China Street, then explored the Old Court House compound, the riverside/waterfront area where the Darul Hana Bridge was at, the Square Fort, Gambir Street, well, if you are from Kuching you'd instantly recognize the location and know all these streets and buildings I have just mentioned. If you are not from Kuching, these places are really awesome for some shutter action, and they are all within walking distance.  

All images were shot with Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II and 14-54mm F2.8-3.5 II (lens borrowed from Jackie). Minimal post-processing applied, as you can evidently see from the POV video. 

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  1. Very inspiring photographs, thank you.
    Despite street photography isn't my department of photography, I admire the work of people like you who obviously master that kind of photography. On the other hand it's always good to pay attention to the work of other people and not to wear blinkers.

    I've seen your youtube video about this visit to Kuching and I'm glad that you put the photographs on your blog so that we can take our time to view or better: to dive into them. In particular I like the first cat portrait and second last with the three boats in a row.

    Best regards from Nottuln, Germany