DJI EXPERIENCE STORE Grand Opening in One Utama Shopping Mall

Earlier today I attended the grand opening of the DJI Experience Store - which is a new premium store and service center at One Utama Shopping Mall. I was invited as a media, and I went without having much expectations. I don't get a lot of invites to events, do when I do get this one, I do wonder if my drone flying on the second vlog channel managed to get some attention somewhere? That would be interesting!

I do personally own two DJI products and actively shooting with them at the moment. Firstly, the DJI Action 2 which is the default vlogging camera for my vlog YouTube channel andI also use this as my POV camera for street shooting in main photography channel. Secondly, I have the DJI Mini 2, a budget drone which I have been flying every week! Therefore, I was quite excited to see the new store, and knowing that there is now official service centers in Malaysia, it does put my mind to ease, whenever I am taking the action cam or drone flying to more extreme levels. 

I have documented the entire event in my latest video on the vlog channel, you can check out the video here (click). 

In conjunction to the store opening, DJI also offers some exclusive deals for walk in customers (deal expiring 28 February 2022):
DJI Tello RM399 (usual price RM499)
DJI OM4 RM379 (usual price RM459)
DJI Mini SE RM1199 (usual price RM1359)
DJI FPV Combo RM4299 (usual price RM5299)
DJI Mavic 3 + Shoulder Bag RM9999

The grand opening was quite fun. There were performances (professional Violinist), lion dance and also a talk sharing session by experienced film-makers using DJI Drones. 

I decided to bring along my Olympus Micro Four Thirds gear for this event instead of the usual DJI Action 2 for one very obvious reason, I was going to do recording in dimly lit environment. You never expect malls to provide ample lighting for video, that never happens. As much as I love the Action 2, and I have had a dozen or more vlogs filmed on that, and I must say I have started to like it a lot, mainly for the tiny footprint and convenience of using it, the quality is just not on the same level as a proper, professional system camera. I brought along the 12-40mm F2.8 PRO, just one lens to do it all. From vlogging myself speaking, video recording the event location, and snapping away some quick shots for this blog entry. There were official photographers and videographers roaming around the limited space, and add to that influencers, bloggers, YouTubers and media people all fighting for space to get that best shot - I'd just let them do what they do and I quietly shot everything from far. Hey, this was not a job and I was not paid to shoot this event, so do excuse the lower than usual image output. 

Here are some of my shots from the event. 

I sure hope to hear more about DJI and their events locally here in Malaysia soon, and hopefully get to attend them in one of the DJI Experience Stores! They look like the store interiors can be configured and set up as event space for future product launches, talks or workshops. I bought two DJI products last year. Maybe this year, I will add a third into my bag?

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