Mini Dinner Party Before Another Lockdown

In case you have not heard, Malaysia is on another semi-lockdown, or what the government preferred to call it "Movement Control Order" (MCO for short). I am not going to dive much into details, but it is what it is, a miserable, no social activity, no meeting your friends kind of situation. Thankfully, I managed to catch up with quite a few people before this round of semi-lockdown happened. Special thanks to the amazing Jon Low, I was invited to his mini dinner party. He cooked some awesome food and we laughed too much over conversations that spanned past midnight. 

Of course I brought along my Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III, and my favourite lens M.Zuiko 25mm F1.2 PRO to capture some snapshots. Camera and food goes well together. 

One plate of heartful meal. I am impressed, Jon!

JON LOW is an incredibly talented Malaysian Wedding Photographer, and he can cook too! He does have his own photography YouTube Channel, go show him some love here (click). 

One thing I love about Olympus 25mm PRO - you can go quite close to your subjects, prefect for food shots

Details and textures, things that photographers care about. Lighting was bad though. 

My favourite beer from Fremantle, Western Australia. Little Creatures Brewery, a place that brings back to many memories during my formative university years.

Some samples of Asther Lau's new dried fruits!

I particularly liked these - pineapple and orange

If you are here in Malaysia go support a local small business - find these incredibly delicious yet healthy treats at JARI TREATS

There were four of us Jon Low (the host), Asther Lau (award winning maternity/newborn/family portrait photographer), Amelia (Jon's friend) and myself. Sorry no photos of everyone else, we were busy eating and chatting the night away. 

Some of you have asked who inspired me in photography? For me, it is not necessarily the legendary people, or photographers that have made it huge (National Geographic, Magnum photographers, etc). I am usually inspired by people whom I can find in real life, reach out, and talk to. Both Jon and Asther can be arguably considered the best in their respective fields here locally in Malaysia, and I have been blessed to have known them over the years. I can only aspire to be half as awesome as any one of them. There are so much to learn and improve on, and it is work in progress after all. 

I shall probably talk about the latest lockdown situation in Malaysia, but that shall come in another blog entry, or video, we will see. For now, let's just enjoy these amazing food (shots) and company. 

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