Perth Glorious Food Adventures

Continuing from my previous post, I have separated all the food photographs to be posted in this single blog update. Yes, you got that right, I am spamming all the food images here! I have always loved the food in Perth since my university days, and I believe Perth did some food really well. The images were all shot with either my new smartphone Realme 2 Pro, or Olympus E-M1 Mark II. Honestly, when it came to food, I was always too hungry to bother about taking high quality images. There were even a few meals which I skipped taking any photos altogether. Just enjoy the food!

I first discovered the joy of good coffee in Perth. This was at a time when coffee culture has not picked up in Malaysia. When I started working in KL in 2008, there was no proper coffee places yet, the most common places were Starbucks and Coffee Bean. I was dying from coffee withdrawal syndrome and I don't think I truly ever recover. Thankfully there was a huge overpriced coffee revolution in KL, but expensive coffee is not equivalent to quality coffee. It is no wonder that during my short stay in Perth, I overdosed myself with at least 2-3 cups of coffee per day. 

Brunch in Australia is awesome, thanks to the abundance of bacon, and not just having bacon, but properly prepared and sizzled to perfection slices of heavenly supercilious bacon!! This plate of wholesome pork goodness was called "This Little Piggy Went To The Market", found in Duck Duck Bruce at Fremantle! Honestly I ordered this dish just because of the name. Yes, branding matters!

Auber-Jean Is Not My Lover, Duck Duck Bruce, Freo. 
So, sooooo goooood!

As expected I did a lot of walking around for street photography around the CBD area. I found this little cafe Toastface Grillah from one of the prominent graffiti in the inner streets. Who would have thought, graffiti can be such a powerful tool to draw people in! All the 3 people in the frame were waiting for their morning coffee. I noticed that people in Perth cannot function without their coffee. I have that disease too. 

Grilled cheese ooooohhhhhh heaven!!!

Had this breakfast in a bagel thingy at the Botanical Cafe, Kings Park!

Good coffee is everywhere, so easy to just make a quick stop to rest the legs, get away from the scorching UV radiation and sip some caffeine. This was at The Italian Corner, Perth CBD. 

You know what I miss most from Perth? THEIR GLORIOUS PIZZAS!!! YESSSS!!!! This was at Theo and Co, a spinoff from the original Little Ceasors. We used to drive an hour to Mundaring just for these pizzas! Now it is much nearer to the city, at Leederville. Owhhh, look at the juicy prawns and Prosciutto! 

A slice of heaven! Janes Addiction - one from the seafood pizza menu, an award-winning one that is!

Smoked BBQ Short Ribs, with a side of slaw! YUMMMMM

I could not help it but order a dessert pizza. Read the descriptions:
MAGIC DIRT - Chocolate soil is tossed over a rich chocolate sponge, topped with an in-house made strawberry and sour cherry jam, drizzled with fresh cream and dusted with icing sugar. Get your shovel out and dig in

One of the must try places in Fremantle - Bread in Common! The place is soooo huge. You know how those Malaysian cafes tried to imitate "industrious" look? Well, this is not just looking like a warehouse, it is one. 

Bread and butter, that's all you need to make a happy Robin

Good butter is also hard to come by in Malaysia. The bread, oh don't even get me started on the bread!

baby beetroot  macadamia, apple, mustard

 duck fat roasted potatoes, lemon thyme, ketchup
This thing is legit the bomb! Potatoes that tasted like roasted duck!

lamb ribs, lime, mint, black garlic, sherry
Possibly the best lamb I have ever tasted in my life so far, though I admit I don't eat lamb that much. 

Went deeper inside Bread in Common and explored a bit more. I can imagine this place to be amazing for a photography workshop!

An old friend, Sarah brought me to Aliment and we had brunch there. Buttermilk Fried Chicken on Pancakes, with Bacon and egg! AND MAPPLE SYRUP OMG!

Apparently this Kombucha is a thing in Perth, and I have just tried my first one. 

The Dragon Paddle, Shy John's. Gotta admit this was my first time drinking beer while having dim sum. Quite an experience. 

Dim sum is another thing that I miss so much from Perth. KL dim sum cannot lah!!!!!

Look at how cute those molten lava salted egg thingy!!

More dim sum adventures, this time at Dragon Palace, Northbridge. 

My favourite - deep fried squid tentacles! I eat them like I eat French Fries. 
Aussie is the land of awesome burgers, but I did not get to try much. This was the only one I had at Big Rigz Burgers. 

Seafood platter at Kaili's in Freo!

This Coke No Sugar - Peach is so good it deserves a spot here, also not found in Malaysia yet. Why does Perth get all these good stuff?

My all time favourite, all the way since my university days, MEAT LOVERS from Broadway Pizza. Toppings include beef, peperroni, bacon, ham and cheese


During my time in Perth, I had a lot of Malaysian friends who complained day in and out about how they miss Malaysian food being away. I was probably the only weird one keeping quiet in one corner because I enjoyed ALL the food I have had in Australia. Yes there are weirder stuff like Kangaroo meat and more, but you get the idea. I think I am a food lover, wherever I go to, my stomach will say yes and I will always have a fantastic time eating! I live to eat. 

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  1. Wonderful post Robin. You made me want to go to Perth.
    They sure have an abundance of delicious looking food.