Nadir (Featuring Bihzhu) at Commune, Sunway Velocity

My favourite local band was performing at Commune, Sunway Velocity and as usual I was shooting the band. The stage lighting was predictably dim and uneven throughout the stage, and was unfavorable since in some situations I needed to bump up my ISO to 6400 for sufficiently fast shutter speed to freeze movement. The band members were actively in motion (they do have fast-paced, rock-styled music) so I needed to constantly watch my shutter speed, else everything would turn out in a blurry mess. It was always, always fun to shoot Nadir and Bihzhu and they performed my favourite song, "Why Do We Cry" that night which I recorded in video!

Performed live at Commune, Sunway Velocity
Check out Nadir at:
Check out Bihzhu at:

If you have not realized, yes I do have a Youtube Channel! Please subscribe if you have not. More photography contents coming up soon, including a post-processing video!

The video clearly showed the uneven stage lighting, which was difficult to deal with. Nonetheless, every single time I used the E-M1 Mark II for video recording, I was impressed by how steady the video was being hand-held. The 5-Axis Image Stabilization seriously was godsent for a lazy photographer like me. I am just the run and gun type. 

All images were taken with Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II and M.Zuiko prime lenses 12mm F2, 25mm F1.8 and 45mm F1.8


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