Humza Ahmad Visiting from Japan

Last weekend I have an unexpected visitor from Japan! At first I thought, hurray, finally after so many years of blogging I am getting a visitor from the land of rising sun. You see, I have had numerous visitors from many countries: the US, UK, Germany (too many visitors from Germany, not complaining, but certainly the number is alarmingly high), Finland, Russia, China, Belgium, Itally, Australia and many more, but none ever from Japan. Looking at my blog readership demographics, it has been consistent over the past few years that the top visitors are from the US, Japan and Germany. Sometimes UK and Thailand creeps into the top 3 spot, but Japan is always sitting very high in the list. So imagine the excitement when I got someone coming from Japan!

(Having said that, I have met several amazing Japanese blog readers currently working and residing in Malaysia, truly beautiful people.)

Here is the plot twist, Humza is an American from New York currently residing in Japan, with high family origins from Pakistan! I have had visitors from New York before, but no photographer I know from Pakistan yet.

Portrait of Humza Ahmad, taken with Olympus PEN E-P5 and M.Zuiko 25mm F1.8

I brought Humza to a local wet market, Pudu and we had a quick shutter therapy there. I had to leave by noon because of work in the later afternoon hence it was such a short session, but a sweet one nonetheless. Humza told me his story on how he got involved in photography and the obsession grew ever since. Along his story-telling, a few lines caught my attention and would definitely stayed with me for a long, long time. He said this when he decided to get a proper camera:

"I am an adult now. I need to take proper pictures. I need a proper camera. Every adult shown own a decent camera." - Humza Ahmad

Wow, I never thought of owning camera that way! I agree, we should all own a real camera and be able to operate it and take decent pictures. It is like a rite of passage and that will be something I tell the younger generation kids - you are growing up, and to be an adult, you must own a real camera!

I hope you have had plenty of fun being in Malaysia for the first time, and do come back for our unhealthy yet yummilicious food! I shall bring you to more shooting locations and hopefully I shall be able to make more time.

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  1. Glad to see you using the PeakDesign strap. I recently picked up one and am impressed with the way they adjust.