I Like Colorful Things

I see the world in full, vivid, explosive array of colors. I celebrate the beauty of vibrant and joyful mixture of different colors around us. My images have always been overly bright instead of dark and more often very colorful in nature. Therefore, when I found a wall painted in rainbow colors, I just could not help but to pose for a portrait shot of myself. Special thanks to Matti Sulanto who helped shoot this image, I love it so much!

All images and video by Matti Sulanto. Used with permission. 

While I love colors, I do not wear anything too bright most of the time, mainly to conform to the general unspoken dress code among photographers and videographers. Colorful or bright apparels will reflect unnecessary light and cast colors onto subject unintentionally, hence I am always wearing grey, dark blue or brown and black when I am out on the streets. Also, being too loud with colors will draw unnecessary attention which would be difficult when there are times we try to stay as stealthy and unobtrusive as possible.

I admit I do a lot more color photography in comparison to black and white, but that does not mean I do not love or appreciate black and white photography. Often black and white can prove to be more challenging and require more effort to get a good shot, but color photography on the other hand just feels so right when I have so much to play with. Maybe I should be doing more black and white shooting soon, alongside my color adventures of course.

If you want to find out about the day out we had at Pulau Ketam recently, Matti has made a wonderful video and you may check it out here:

Of course, I have compiled a set of images taken from this outing, which will be published on Ming Thein's site soon. So do stay tuned.

Are you a color or black and white person? Or do you do both, like myself? Share your ideas and opinion, I wanna hear them all.


  1. Thanks for getting us out there. It's interesting that you mentioned colour vs black and white. I was pondering that and even had a photo that was desaturation slightly because I used an El cheapo variable ND filter which I really like but Matti preferred boosted with pop.

    1. I am also currently in favor with full boosted pop. But hey, black and white works too!

  2. Fabulous music along with that video!

  3. Hi Robin, I enjoy your photography very much and agree with others that have said you have managed to create the "Robin-look" photo. Aside from having a great eye in knowing what to photograph and how to frame a shot, I guess what they are also referring to is that all of your photos have a certain color appearance. So when you a processing your photos, do you try to achieve a final image using your own special recipe? Do you use saved presets as an initial start and then tweak each photo? Thanks alot! Cheers from Montreal, Canada