Short Trip Back To Kuching

I was back in my hometown for a short trip, to attend a photography exhibition event that I was participating in. In this short trip, it was tricky juggling my time between spending time with beloved mum, catching up with friends, and still have some shutter therapy action.

The exhibition I was involved in was a collective exhibition with a group of talented local Kuching photographers, showcasing various forms of photography. The venue of the exhibition is at Saradise Gallery, and you can find more details here (click). If you are in Kuching please do check it out! I have 8 images on showcase, printed in A3 size. I will be writing about my experience having a mini exhibition in Kuching, and perhaps that shall be shared on Ming Thein's site, where I primarily write now. 

I was speaking at a photo sharing event last Saturday (30/9/2017) at Saradise Gallery, and affer the event, we went to have coffee and food at a nearby cafe, Sukha. They had a special item on the menu, "Nasi Lemak Burger" which I think is a limited time menu item. All of us ordered one. My goodness, it was so, so good! I highly recommend anyone from Kuching to try it. 

I definitely should plan more trips home, and do a photo project there. Perhaps, a simple one, just to document the beautiful parts of the hometown which is so dear to me. After all, I grew up here. And it was so awesome spending time Kuching photographers!

All images here were taken with Canon EOS-M6 and kit lens 15-45mm F3.5-6.3

A cup of Flat White, with some "Lotihua" at the side!

Three super talented people I am so proud to know and see during the exhibition talk. 
Alexa, a young and gifted photographer who dabbles deeply into funky conceptual stuff! Do check out her Instagram here (click).
Jian, a comic blogger who has made it huge here in Malaysia, and released two books! Jian has been a friend, and I have known him for many years. So happy to see him at my exhibition talk, though I know he was super, super busy with his active involvement in the What About Kuching event which was launching at the very same night. 
Allen, a professional wedding photographer covering Kuching weddings and events! So cool to have him also, though he had a shoot immediately after the exhibition event. I wish Allen was participating in the exhibition too, maybe in the future?

The Nasi Lemak Burger from Sukha

The messier it is, the better right?

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  1. Robin, it doesn't matter what hardware you are using, it's the photograph that matters!You take so many good and relevant photos, inspirational to the amateurs (and pro's!) who view your blog....keep inpiring, please!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Brendan! Appreciate it a lot.

  2. Alexa wanted your Lotihua, or 'Iced Gems' as we call them, in England... :)

    1. I am not surprised if the "Iced Gems" came from England. Malaysia was colonized by the British after all.

  3. i love photograph because of your photos
    thanks to your works