Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III Shots That Did Not Make It To The Review

If you have not read my review on the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III, please do read the full article over at Ming Thein's site here (click). 

In case you have not noticed, I have spent a lot more effort in shooting for this review, than I have previously. I was shooting tennis games, which I was not satisfied with my first attempt and returned for a second day to get better shots. Not because of the camera not performing, but me believing I could have done better, as a photographer. I even managed to get a friend, Carmen to model for me, and did something I rarely did, a beauty, arranged, model portraiture. Of course there was the usual insect macro stunt that I always did, and I figured you all have seen me done insect macro in a dozen or more reviews before, and it would have been too repetitive, so I only showed two sample images in the final review. In the midst of the SEA Games 2017 happening in Kuala Lumpur, I even attended the weightlifting, badminton and hockey games. I wanted to shoot some aquatics sports (diving and swimming), as well as gymnastics, but tickets were quickly sold out.

Unsurprisingly I came home with thousands and thousands of photographs, and a tight curation narrowed that pile down to just the series shown in the final review article. To my surprise, not a single street photograph, which was quite an achievement for the first time. And I made sure that every photograph played a part in illustrating the capabilities of the E-M10 Mark III.

Naturally, there are a few more favourite shots that did not make it into the final cut. I thought, why not put them here? Nothing wrong with these shots, some of them were a little redundant if added into the original series.

Malaysian weightlifter, Azroy Hazal. Shot at ISO3200. The Truepic 8 engine in the E-M10 Mark III managed to optimize the details, sharpness and noise suppression. 

This was probably the only insect macro I had with the E-M10 Mark III done at full 1 to 1 magnification with the M.Zuiko 60mm F2.8 Macro lens. All shot hand-held. If you know about macro photography you know how challenging it is to pull off a full magnification shot, especially that on Micro Four Thirds sensor, this was effectively 2 to 1 equivalent on a 35mm format. 

A damselfly. With a tight crop as follows. 

Crop from the previous image

 I even attended an album launch party of a local singer songwriter, Beverly Matujal, in hopes of testing the E-M10 Mark III under low light shooting condition. It turned out the stage was brightly lit, and I was shooting at ISO200-400 most of the time, nowhere near low light at all. Hence I did not include any of these shots in the final cut. 

There are many, many, many more shots of Carmen. I could not thank her enough for doing this. Do give her blog a visit and follow her on Instagram @itscarmenhong
She braved mosquito bites (you can see some of the marks on her legs) with no complains!

Ming Thein has wanted me to write about curation process, and how I edit (meaning, select photos not process) my images for my articles. I probably should sit down and write about that soon.


  1. Your B roll shots are better than my A shots ")

    1. Technically, those aren't B-rolls. They were just edited out for a tighter curation. I did intend to fit them in earlier.

  2. Your shots ALWAYS look so good! How much post processing do you have to do to make them look this good?

    1. I normally do process my images, but for this particular series, because I was doing a review, only minimal processing was applied. Almost as good as straight out of camera.

  3. Hi Robin,

    Thanks for great review of EM-10 markiii. Sometimes I wished Olympus made all EM-1 II features in EM-10 size. I never shoot video and only photo is my main interest as hobby. Since you have extensively tested EM-10 mark iii, set aside video and price, what will you pick between EM-10 ii and EM-10 iii? I have EM-1 mark i and I do not like the size of EM-1 and that is the reason I do not get EM-1 II. My main concern is focus speed and IBIS between the two for still photo.

  4. Hi Robin,

    I'm still using Olympus E-PL5. I plan to upgrade to OMD E-M10 Mark III. Is it worth it?


  5. So... Robin, how do you make a living now that you quit Olympus and only seem to contribute to Ming's site?
    Yesterday I read a recent back issue of Shutterbug. AUTHOR TOOK EM1 and 300mm f4 and Nikon 850 and lens to Alaska and the Yukon. Printed 16 x 20s and found Oly (even EM1) to compare favorably with FF Nikon. Weight and hand hold with IS got him Eagles He would have missed with heavy Nikon and tripod.