It Has Retro-Classic Design And Can Even Charge Your Phone And Smart Devices

When I first saw it on display at a local store, I was instantly enamored by the Leica-esque design. The silver retro design was just screaming for attention. I actually walked out of the store because I did not want to end up buying an item that I may not have that much need for, but then I just could not stop thinking about it! So I bought one for myself, you know, sometimes we can have nice things too. Perhaps, once in a while, it is prudent to reward ourselves with something that we truly want, but not desperately need.

So here it is, the Remax, and the following specifications:

ZERO Megapixels 
High megapixel war and insane ISO numbers are so yesterday and irrelevant these days. The Remax does not do any pixels at all. Nope, the Remax takes no stills or videos, but it does have a clickable shutter button though!

Super Compact Design
Smaller than even the smallest compact mirrorless ILC cameras, even the tiniest Micro Four Thirds lens looks huge on the camera body. Easily tucked away at the side pocket of your camera bag, or in your pants. 

Classic camera design
This should appeal to all those geeks and hipsters who bought into the fad of using old, film cameras just for the sake of reminiscing a romantic past that never existed for them. Much like a Leica camera design on the whole, with rich leatherette textured body. 

It Has a RED DOT
Heck it even comes with a bold, oversized red dot to boost your confidence. 

Impressive Battery Life
The battery life is an impressive 10,000 mAH, it can even be used to charge up your portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. 

Two USB Out Ports
It has completely no controls whatsoever, and has power in and two USB ports out for simultaneous charging

ok.... it is not a camera, it is a POWERBANK. 

While you may think this is all a joke, when your smartphone runs out of juice, this Remax will save the day. And why not charge up your devices with style?

Leica-esque design, with fake leather texture on the body, and complete with the big red dot that cannot be missed. 

So compact, so small. If only it can take a picture. The shutter button is totally clickable though! Say hi to awesome Jackie. 

There, the ultimate purpose of having that Remax Powerbank, to charge up your smart devices. The Pink speakers were just there for the sake of a nice looking prop, nothing more. 

Come to think of it, this could be the best present ever for your photographer friend on special occasions. How can anyone resist the charm of a classic looking camera, yet being so functional and practical at the same time, with the ability to charge up smartphones on the go. Your photography friend, whether a professional or just someone pretending to be a pro, will surely love this addition to his or her camera bag. 

Important note: Remax powerbanks are sold without the Panasonic Lumix 14mm F2.5 lens. The pancake lens was there for decorative purpose only. 


  1. I saw that powerbank a while ago here on this blog and searched for it on evilBay. I had to muster a lot of willpower to not click.... ;-)

    1. It is different once you see it in person. Willpower will be a lot weaker.

  2. I don't know why I need it but I definitely want one.