Check Out The New Mirrorless Bag From Ming Thein!

Not too long ago, Ming Thein released his Ultimate Daybag (in coloboration with premium camera bag manufacturer, Frankie Falcon) which I have written about here (click). While that original version of MT x FF bag was great in many ways, large and spacious to fit many, many items efficiently into it. However to me, a photography enthusiast who use small mirrorless cameras, I did not find the need to carry that many items with me when I go out for my shutter therapy sessions. Like many other minimalist shooters out there, I carry one small mirrorless body and perhaps 2 to 3 small lenses, and a smaller bag customized for smaller system would make more sense. Recognizing the need for a smaller bag for the growing mirrorless shooting crowd, here comes the new Mirrorless Bag from Ming Thein!

I fully understand my partnership with Ming Thein, so this is not exactly a review, and should not be viewed as one. I just happened to have the bag with me and I thought why not I share my own thoughts after using it for a day or two.

I will not deny that the one crucial factor that I look for in a camera bag, is the looks. This is purely subjective and arguable, and at a level somewhat personal. Yes, many would argue function is more important than appearance, that is entirely true and I will not disagree with you. Personally to me, if I were to spend some money on a camera bag that I will use almost everyday, I would strongly consider how the bag looks and whether the look fits my overall presentation as a photography enthusiast, a street photographer and a photography blogger. In all honesty, not that many bags out there have the look and design that I find attractive, or beautiful. When I first saw Ming Thein's bag (I have had the privilege to see the earlier pre-production samples), I immediately fell in love with the shape and design. There is a premium, high-quality look to the bag and it is not at all loud and over-overbearingly attention seeking. It does not scream "look I am a camera bag", it has subtle styling and the black finish is exactly what I want.

The new Mirrorless Bag carries over many similarities with the original Ultimate Daybay. In terms of style and design, they both look like siblings, and the Mirrorless Bag appears to be a slimmed down, mini version of the Ultimate Daybag. Similarly, the Mirrorless Bag is made in England by Frankie Falcon with the same materials as the Ultimate Daybag (black laminated cotton canvas). The material is fully water resistant. The bag also comes with some new improvements and interesting modifications. There are four elastic neoprene pockets, built internally into the bag for small lenses and accessories storage, perfectly adequate in thickness to prevent any scratching or bumping onto one another. Just make sure the lens or anything you fit into the pockets are not too large in size. Right in the middle of the bag, there is a removable velcro loop, in case you need to store larger camera body or item into the bag.


I find the configuration of the internal neoprene side pockets to be extremely useful. The side pockets provided 4 separate slots, and in addition to that you can further divide the middle space of the bag by using the removeable velcro loop into 3 compartments.

Comfortably I have stored the following items into the Mirrorless  bag:
1) Olympus OM-D E-M1 Body with M.Zuiko 12-40mm F2.8 PRO lens attached
2) M.Zuiko 25mm F1.8 lens
3) M.Zuiko 45mm F1.8 lens
4) 2 x spare batteries for E-M1
5) A Powerbank
6) Memory Card case
7) Headphones (In ear monitors)
8) A mini bottle of Chivas Whisky, bevause, why not? Street shooting can get stressful sometimes.
9) A small notepad and a pen

Honestly, these are all the items that I need to carry with me for a photowalk. Most of the time I only use one lens as my primary shooting lens, and maybe one more just in case I found a shot or two that require different focal length.

Another view of how everything fits into the bag, with the middle slot for the E-M1 + 12-40mm lens. 

Camera bag choice and preferences can be quite subjective and personal. I do love the design of Ming Thein's new Mirrorless Bag, and I find that it functions perfectly for my shooting needs. I cannot say the same for everyone, but if you are like me, shooting with minimal gear, using small mirrorless camera body with only 2-3 small prime lenses or standard zooms, doing a lot of shooting outdoor, this smaller version of Ming Thein's bag works just fine. I walk a lot, so I do not intend to carry anything too large, and I do not carry that many items with me, only the essentials. 

You can find out more about the bag on the official product page here. You can also order yours now here


  1. Hi Robin, how are you? Hope you're just fine. The bag looks very cool! Where I can find it in Indonesia?

    1. It is only available online, follow the product page link and you will find how to buy it. Ships worldwide.

  2. Awesome bag indeed, I might try a bottle of Chivas Whisky as well for my next photo shoot, perhaps I'll do better ;)

    1. Oh no! I have accidentally shared my secret!

  3. Nice design but the price is too high for a such a small bag.

    1. Price is a subjective thing, there are more expensive bags out there but not necessarily better in function and looks.

  4. I'm mainly using an em5ii with the 12-100 f4. Will that combo fit comfortably in the center as shown or is the lens too long?

    1. I don't think the 12-100mm F4 would fit into the bag if you use all the pockets, but if you take out the middle velcro loop and not put too many items on the side pockets, you can fit that combo in.

  5. It's a good looking bag, but for me it's missing paddings. It's expensive, but that's a subjective thing, as you already mentioned. So I stay with my Thinktank Retrospective 5, I believe it's called. Nice to see you are stlll updating this blog.