A Quiet Sunday, A Short Photowalk with Shaun from Brisbane, Australia

Shaun from Brisbane, Australia is visiting again and we had a quick photowalk yesterday. We went to Chow Kit, hoping to catch a glimpse of the old market building before it was being torn down. Fortunately the building was still standing, but now almost fully evacuated. It will be within days the demolition work begins.

We had a slow, relaxing walk and we shot anything that got our attention. I armed myself with my Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II and my most favourite lens, the M.Zuiko 45mm F1.8. The focal length was familiar and comfortable for me to work with, and the lens, being so small and light, felt right at home on my hands.

Shaun visiting from Austtalia

Human Replacements

Along the Walkway

Showering the Chicken before slaugther


Point A to Point B

Sweet Potato Seller

A Chow Kit Resident

Portrait of a Stranger

Too Bright

Mickey Mouse
I know I have taken shots like this a couple of times, but this dude had a Mickey Mouse cap on! How can I not take a photo of this?

Rambutans. One of the most delicious tropical fruits, you must try them!

A little pixel peeping will not hurt anyone (this is directed to die-hard traditionalist no chimping street photographers)
Even after using the 45mm F1.8 lens for 3 years now, I am still astonished by the incredible sharpness in the images this lens produces!

Afrer the shutter therapy session, I went to the Kuala Lumpur International Audio Visual Show 2016. The only shot I took at the KLIAV show (an expo for Hi-Fi, Audio Visual stuff, where audio enthusiasts can audition many high end equipment that may cost a car, or a house). 
I walked away with a Beyerdynamic Headphones and StraightWire speaker cables. Very satisfied with my purchases, though nothing huge or game-changing. Yes, I am an audio-enthusiast but I am not able to afford anything more than entry level equipment at the moment. 

Flat White and Oatneal Cookies to end the day. 
If I do not post coffee photos, people start to question what happened. 


  1. Hello, what lens did Shaun has on his OM-D on the first photo? Thanks!

    1. Hey T. Dimitrov, that was a Veydra! http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1134188-REG/veydra_v1_16t22m43m_mini_prime_16mm_t2_2.html

  2. Good to see Shaun in the photos and Chow Kit market one last time. Hope he has recovered from his back accident.

    You don't have to go super expensive to get great sound. My friend runs a digital system that is super detailed. He started with older PCs and stripped down Windows. A fair price DAC, preamp that can drive headphones. I like Beyer - I have the buds I think model 110. I also like AKG and again, not expensive at the entry level but still very enjoyable sound.

    1. Shaun is doing much better now!

      I am a fan of anything low cost yet have decent performance! I am getting a new audio player (super cheap but has great reviews) so that should be decent enough to drive my budget Beyerdynamic.

  3. What monitor and/or print process do you use to review gear?
    Bob in Chicago suburbs

    1. I use a very, very old (with me for 7 years or more now) LG 22 inch LCD monitor, with outdated specifications, and was bought on a discounted price.

  4. I like that you make so many interesting photographs of cats. Your photographs made with (I think) the 45mm f1.8 look much sharper than my photographs. In general, do you uses any filters on your lenses?

    1. I do have a cheap filter (not even sure what the brand is, some China product). The purpose of the filter is to protect the lens element. I do get flares (not too often) and when I do I remove the filter. For my review blog entries. I always shoot without filters.

  5. Over the years that I have been looking at your pictures, it seems to me that either (a) you are taking photos in depressed areas of KL for whatever artistic reason you choose or, that (b) KL is, except for a few areas (eg. Petronas Towers, etc), a very economically depressed city. I love your work, but I am conflicted by the seeming poverty that you exhibit. Perhaps you could clarify this for me, please?

  6. Cannot speak for Robin, but like any metropolitan city, there will always be poorer areas. However, Malaysian culture is so diversified and the city so old, the areas seen in Robin's photos are really old more than it is impoverished.
    Some so called 'poor' areas in Malaysia are actually UNesco World Heritage sites!
    KL is a city that has to be seen in its entirety before coming to any conclusions.
    The old man or old lady selling you street food could very well be one of many millionaires that chose to live and work in kl.