A Portrait of Carmen

A dear friend Carmen was participating in the Celebs and Blogger's Bazaar, sort of a like a fashion flea market for lifestyle and fashion bloggers. I was no where in the neighbourhood and decided to stop by just to say hi. Carmen was looking stunningly beautiful with her bright, Burgundy Red hair colour in contrast with the black and white dress she was wearing! A spontaneous quick portrait session ensued, and we decided to scout around the location for a nice, non-busy looking background to work with. We went up to the mezzanine floor and found that the entire floor was vacant, and there was a huge, plain white wall which looked just right for what I had in mind. The large window panel with afternoon sun was just the perfect side lighting I needed for this portrait, and we Carmen hit some simple poses and shutter started clicking away.

Carmen Hong is also an Olympus shooter. 
You can check her out in her blog at http://www.carmenhong.com or follow her on Instagram @itscarmenhong

Image was taken with my Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II and M.Zuiko 25mm F1,8 lens, at very low angle.

Minor adjustments were made during post processing to balance the colours, as well as lifted the shadow around her hair to emphasise the brighter red.

I'd say, simplicity works, each and every time! And I think I should do more portrait shoots.


  1. Great idea. Just shows how a studio is where you make it!

    Hi Robin, Having recently invested in an E-M10 Mark II myself, (inspired not in a small way by your enthusiasm for this powerful little wonder) I am finding my way around the settings - apart from a brief flirtation with Canon my previous experience was with film (OM2N). During my initial research for this camera I came across your OM-D Camera Cheat Sheet.

    It was written pre EM10ii and almost exactly a year ago. What if anything would you change now, especially in relation to your new regular camera?

    Thanks for a great blog. Mark J

    1. Hey Mark,
      Thanks for commenting and regarding the cheat sheet, nothing has changed yet. I still use all the settings as recommended in the cheat sheet!

    2. Thanks Robin.
      I'm still getting my head around the buttons and presets! I think I need to spend more time with the manual to work out which Fn buttons I need to keep, which to change and how to use Mysets to save the settings (ones you recommend and others that fit my preferences).
      Incidentally I like your idea of going out with Program mode occasionally. A bit of automation means I can keep taking pictures until I feel at one with the camera.
      I flirted with the idea of getting the EM5ii which would have give me more buttons to play with (as well as the other extra features) but I'm glad I chose the 10 - it's so small and just feels right.

  2. Niced shot as usual.. any flash use or white reflector??

  3. Niced shot as usual.. any flash use or white reflector??

  4. Terrific shot and model. The tiled carpet floor kind of brings the composition together for me.

  5. WOW! Carmen is really pretty, and oh, yeah noice photos!

  6. WOW! Carmen is really pretty, and oh, yeah noice photos!

  7. I would say that in that shoot, photography skills are quite like a pro.