The Malacca Weekend

From my previous blog entry you would know that I spent almost the whole Saturday shooting my friend's wedding. The day after, I told myself if I managed to wake up early and did not feel too exhausted I would pick up the camera and hit the streets in Malacca. I did wake up rather early and felt quite energetic despite the wedding shoot a day before, so I went to Jonker Walk and had a slow, relaxing walk and shot whatever subjects that caught my attention. 

To keep things easy and simple I only had the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II and one lens with me, the M.Zuiko 25mm F1.8, and it was a short an hour and a half walk, before I headed back to meet up with my other friends for brunch. I did get some shots that I am quite happy with, and I am sharing them in this blog entry. I did however wish I would just walk a few more hours and explore some of the inner streets of beautiful, historical Malacca. One day, maybe I will just spend a weekend in Malacca and do nothing but shoot and eat!


Slipping Pants

Portrait of a Stranger 


Red Paint

Passer By

Orange Shirts

Modernized Malacca, my beloved State? Or something like that being loosely translated


Plastic Sheet

So I saw this dude from quite a distance and I decided he could be a good subject for me to compose against something interesting around him. Standing and leaning against the pole and blending in, being relaxed and ready... oh wait, he has a camera! Then it hit me (I have not had my coffee yet) he was also a street photographer, patiently observing and waiting for the perfect moment to happen. Then he spotted me and I smiled, and we walked our separate paths. 

After all that walk, I got hungry and I needed coffee badly. 

I am not even sure if I will have time for shutter therapy this weekend, but my hands have gotten unbearably itchy!


  1. The CCTV sign above the photographer is a nice touch.. :)

  2. Let's plan a food outing in Melaka next time =D Everybody must follow @shutter.therapy on Instagram! ;p

  3. If that's what you can do in 1 1/2 hours, you clearly deserved a food stop.
    As usual, great images.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Alan! Well, whether any shots or not I will EAT!

  4. Are those older Proton cars? I kind of thought that you might photograph that old (Portuguese?) cathedral that I seem to remember.

    Always love figuring out Bahasa Melayu. :-)

  5. Awesome shots. I don't know why but I can't get the same results with my camera. I don't know what is the secret to achieve this kind of sharpness. Your images are always very sharp and with great colors.well done once again! Cheers

  6. Thanks for grabbing these images of Melaka. I was a teacher there in the 60s and love the town.