Shooting Portraits Over the Weekend

Olympus Malaysia had two events over the weekend in Penang, namely the PEN-F and 300mm F4 IS PRO Touch and Try on Saturday and a Basic Portrait Photography Workshop with Young Sun on Sunday. Since I was working on both days, I had no chance to roam on the streets (how I wish I could in Penang). I did however steal some chance to shoot a few frames during the Portrait Workshop, conducted by a fellow Olympus user, and professional photographer Young Sun. I always look forward to events conducted by Young Sun, there were plenty to learn and his enthusiasm easily outshines mine when it comes to photography. Not many people I have met are more passionate and obsessed with photography, as Young Sun. I have learned a great deal myself, fully inspired, just observing him do what he does best, portrait photography. 

Now here is a rare chance to see some model portrait shots, taken by me. I acknowledge I am pretty much noob when it comes to studio portraits, and I can only wish one day I will be able to be half as good as Kirk Tuck in portraiture shooting skills. One baby step at a time. 

I was shooting with the Olympus PEN-F, and my own M.Zuiko 45mm F1.8 lens. All images are almost as good as straight out of camera, with very minor tweaks in contrast and exposure adjustment. 

All credits to Young Sun though, with the lighting set up and directing poses for the beautiful model. You may visit his photography Facebook Page here (click). 

And, here are some behind the scenes shots of what happened during the workshop. Young Sun shared basic tips when it comes to lighting set up, as well as the versatile use of reflector.

I may not be that good when it comes to portrait shooting, but man, I must admit it was FUN FUN FUN! I seriously enjoyed myself throughout the session. I should really consider venturing into this photography genre!


  1. It will definitely be fun when shooting pretty models haha. I would love to learn from young sun if olympus and him do workshop in kl. Or is it on the plan?

  2. That looked like a lot of fun. Nice shots Robin!

  3. Sorry Robin, but the models convey about as much personality as those little figures that you use to demonstrate the macro capabilities of various lenses. The studio portraits may be technically interesting, but your street portraits communicate loads of human interest, and speak volumes of the connection between photographer and subject. The informal shots of Young Sun at work are far more interesting. Just my opinion.