Weekend Shutter Therapy with M.Zuiko 17mm F1.8 Lens

The least used Micro Four Thirds lens for me (amongst all the lenses that are available for me to use, which excludes the majority of Panasonic lenses) would definitely be the M.Zuiko 17mm F1.8 lens. 

However, I have been doing my best, trying hard to familiarize myself with the elusive 35mm perspective. I have used the Fujifilm X100, which has a fixed equivalent 35mm focal length, and I have also subsequently used the underrated M.Zuiko 17mm F2.8 pancake lens, for a few shutter therapy sessions. I have also found an article written by Chris Gampat at ThePhoblographer here about "Beginner's Tip to Shooting Portraits with a 35mm Lens" extremely helpful when dealing with human subjects on the street. 

My 35mm journey, a love-hate relationship which many of you have known now, is a continuous work in progress. I think (or I would like to think) that I am making some good progress, and hey, there really is no rush to accomplish anything out of my shutter therapy sessions. All I know, for certain is that the more I shoot, the more I see through this 35mm perspective, the better I will get, and I will definitely get there. 

As a bonus to my usual showcase of selected photographs from my street shooting session, this time, Raja Indra Putra has sneakily recorded a video (using an app Clips, on his Iphone) of me and my friends in action!

Thanks Ripi for recording this!

All images were taken with Olympus PEN E-P5 and M.Zuiko 17mm F1.8 lens

Strip of Light

A Hot Morning

Morning Paper

Hanging Out

Five Foot Way

Hard Worker

Something Edible?

Death Stare

Under Renovation


Outside A Chinese Temple

A Construction Worker


Going Up

The 17mm Selfie

End the Day with Flat White


  1. One of my favorite focal lengths for a walking around lens, and the 17/1.8 is under estimated by some I think - wonderful shots Robin!

  2. Love 'Yellow' Robin, but I am a sucker for Minions!
    The 35mm perspective is not as good as you shoot at 50mm equivalent.
    Why the swap from the 2.8 to 1.8 other than a supposedly sharper lens?

  3. I like "Death Stare" and "Morning Paper". What a tee shirt for "Five Foot Way" = how on earth did she pick that wording to wear? Sense of humour is fab.

  4. I had missed Death Stare', which is just wonderful.
    If I could read the poster wording, but I only speak English, I would enjoy it even more.

  5. Thanks for the nice pictures as usual.
    I prefer the 25mm than 17mm because of the shallower DOF and less perspective distortion for half portrait.

  6. I tried to re-pic all in 45mm and for the life of me couldn't find one photo that would have been better. ..17mm gives info 45mm can't and makes pics more interesting and I've been looking at your 45mm since you joined Oly. Fav are morning paper and death stare too. I carry the 12mm - 40mm pro f2.8 zoom on EM1 and often shoot at 17 area. Thanks for your work. Looking for latest firmware review on macro mode.

  7. For me, the 35mm eq. perspective is the most natural, because I feel that's the way I see the world. I also love it for portraits, as it puts them in a context. But everybody is different. I sure hope Olympus is developing a 17.5mm f/1.2. (My dream: An intrepid company which were to develop a 17.5mm f/0.7 portrait lens ... But I'm aware that such a lens would be neither small nor cheap, hence way out of my range.)

    1. Yes I am hoping for a 17.5mm f/1.2 also.

  8. First 2 pictures are absolutly gorgeous.

  9. Hi, Robin! Like your blog and pictures:)

    Could you, please, tell why focus peaking doesn't work with Olympus 17mm f/1.8 when using clutch ring (it shoud automatically on like with 12-40)? It's very odd and uncomfortable:( Also this issue is well known on forums so I'm interesting why Olympus didn't manage to fix this with the firmware update? Could adress this quexstion?))