A Few Random Updates

It is in the middle of the week and I do have a few things to share here. These are the items that do not fit into any of my topical weekly shutter therapy themed blog posts. Nonetheless I have always been a blogger who blogs about random life events and happenings around me, and a part of me still has a strong urge to continue to do so. 

1) Once Upon A Miao

The free bookmark, so pretty!

A friend and fellow blogger, Jian who has made it huge in Malaysian comic blogger scene, has just launched his first graphic novel/book, titled "Once Upon a Miao". The book tells a story of Jian's childhood in Kuching, which is also my hometown where I grew up in. Reading that book brought a lot of nostalgic moments and I can relate to 90% of the stories shared in the book. At times it almost felt like I was living the stories in the book. The drawing is fantastic, the stories are funny and I could see so much of myself in it, and I believe many Kuching folks who are at about the same age as myself would appreciate the amount of real-life details and humor  they can personally relate to  drawn in a colourful world of comic. Do give Jian a visit at his own comic blog here (click) and browse many of his comics online. His book can be found in major bookstores such as MPH and Popular, throughout the country. 

2) Obsession with Coffee

This is not new, but I am getting more and more addicted to coffee. Some people say coffee is good for you, some say otherwise, but I would think that too much of anything is not good. However I just could not seem to have enough of coffee! 

3) Lego Superheroes

I used to love Lego a lot as a kid, but never had many to play with since original Lego toys were expensive and my parents could not afford to buy me such toys. Now that I have my own income my affection toward Lego toys still remains. And I am a huge Superman & Batman fan, in case you do not know that part of me (most of my close friends will know how obsessed I am with these two superheroes). I have been collecting "fake" Lego superheroes and I am starting to think I should explore some form of toy photography involving these tiny Lego figurines. Should be super fun, especially what I can do with them on locations. And they are so small I can carry them everywhere with me in the camera bag. 

4) Olympus Brand Store, Mega Mall, Mid Valley, KL

Olympus has just relocated their brand store from lower ground floor of Mid Valley Mega Mall to second floor, at S-033 which is near to North Court. For those of you in Kuala Lumpur, the Olympus Brand Store is a one stop center with complete availability of Olympus camera and lens system, including all accessories line-up (underwater accessories as well). The Brand Store also serves as a drop off and collection point for repair and services. Since our service center (in Mon't Kiara) is only open during weekdays (office hours), for the convenience of Olympus users they can still send their Olympus items for repair/service, via the Brand Store, which is open on both Saturday and Sunday. 

5) Real Photographers vs Mirrors

See what I did there?

The shirt says "Real Photographers Do Not Need a Mirror" (the letter "s" is hidden by the bag shoulder strap), which I shot myself wearing it, through a mirror, and then in post-processing I corrected the image by mirroring it (flip). Mirrorless shirt, shot through a mirror, and mirrored in the final image. Ok maybe I was thinking too much. 


  1. Nice post, Robin. And really nice neck strap on your O-MD. Wish I had one too.

  2. Cat City must make people ambitious. :-) Glad to see such a book.

    Also, nice to see such a store but especially Olympus. So often, i would see Olympus hidden in the corner or worse.