A Bright Sunday Morning at Petaling Street

Any photographers exploring street photographer in Kuala Lumpur would most definitely do some sessions at the famous Petaling Street, or Chinatown of KL. I have mentioned that this is not my preferred street hunting ground, but it is also one of the most frequented, and shot locations by any street photographers out there. I was there this morning with Nick Wade and we attacked the streets and the cats we found along the way. 

Is there anything specific I wanted to achieve in my photography this morning? Or in any of my shutter therapy sessions generally speaking? No, not really. I think the main objective is having fun, and what better way to do that than clicking the camera away and shoot into the randomness that we chanced on the streets. Again, this time I armed myself with the Panasonic GM1. 

Special thanks to Frederick who has bought me some spare batteries so I can now shoot without being too conservative on the short battery life. 

All images were taken with Panasonic GM1 and Olympus M.Zuiko lenses 45mm F1.8 and 17mm F1.8

Internet for All



Portrait of a Stranger 1

Blue Hoarding

Everyone Look to the Right

The Kids Know

Closed Doors

Chicken Rice Uncle

Hair is on Fire

Dress Code

City Street

Man in Yellow


Portrait of Stranger 2

Under the Table


I did say we were attacking the cats, didn't I? Nick Wade in action. And yes, it was nice having Nick, since I was always the only one shooting the cats. 

With the few shutter therapy sessions I have had for the past few days, I finally felt like myself again. You know, the feeling of craving for one particular food and finally after a long time, you get to eat them till you are satisfied. Good shutter therapy sessions bring much satisfaction to me. 


  1. Hey Robin, love your work! Do you ever post f/stop, shutter and ISO for your pics? Would be really great :)

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I shoot most of the above shots in Aperture priority mode. It was bright sun so I stayed at ISO200 (base ISO). For images with thin depth of field I used mostly wide open or near wide open. For scenes where everything is in focus it was stopped down necessarily.

    2. Of course shutter speed was decided by the camera (in Aperture Priority mode)

    3. Makes sense. Thanks :) I think it would be fun for your audience to see all your settings - maybe on flickr or something to make it easy for you?

      It's amazing how you manage to take great looking photos regardless of the equipment you are using. You would be a prime candidate for "Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera" Series by DigitalRev ;)

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  3. Like your photo's. You have a nice hand of writing too. Hope your boss don't mind you using Panasonic.

  4. Hey ya, Robin!
    It's been a long time since I read your blog. Now that I have a down time, I plan to read your latest posts.
    For this post, I have few questions I want to ask:
    How was the weather that day? And at what time were the photos taken?

    I ask these questions because Jakarta's weather has been uncooperative these weeks. Overcast weather makes the shadow appears dull and most of the scenes fall into the middle part of the histogram.

    Cheers matey!
    - AnggaPJ

  5. anyone know a store in KL with lots of olympus stock? looking for some oem accessories that are likely not readily stocked in most camera stores. rush order so cannot wait for online purchase