Meanwhile, Waiting Patiently for the Weekend to Test the Olympus M.Zuiko 7-14mm F2.8 PRO Lens

The test units for the Olympus M.Zuiko 7-14mm F2.8 Pro lens as well as the 8mm F1.8 fisheye lens have arrived. I am looking at them and gosh I just cannot wait to just run out of the office and shoot some photographs. I have made arrangements and will be on a road trip to test the M.Zuiko 7-14mm Pro lens. I figured, I should not be testing two lenses at the same time and just concentrate on one lens first, but will also bring along the 8mm F1.8 fisheye lens, just in case I found something interesting I want to shoot with. I think it is best to have a main focus on one lens and not having to split my attention to two different lenses. 

While waiting for the weekend to come (which seems like an eternity) I shall be sharing some photographs taken from last weekend's quick shutter therapy session. It was at Brickfield's area, which I seldom covered, hence I am sure you will find the photographs a breath of new air (unless you are of course a street photographer familiar with KL streets). 

All images were taken with Panasonic GM1 and Olympus M.Zuiko lenses 45mm F1.8, 25mm F1.8 and the 9mm F8 fisheye bodycaplens

Any street photographers in KL must have shot this elevator cube thingy like a thousand times. 

Portrait of a Stranger

Spaces in between

Shopping Mall



Portrait of a Stranger 2


Random Art

Mobile Generation

Shop Owner

Multiple Ladies on Wall

Sunday talk

Hanging Out

See what Carmen did there?

As I have mentioned I have not been to Brickfields for a long time, and I found the place to be quite refreshing, something different from what I usually do at Pudu or Chow Kit. There are many new buildings opening, with modern and rather futuristic looking architecture, with plenty of lines, patterns and space to work with, something street photographers desire. Certainly worth coming back for another round some day. 


  1. First thing crossed my mind after reading about these new lenses were to visit your blog.

    Looking forward to seeing the results, Robin. Cheers.

  2. As always inspiring shots.
    My favorite is the 2nd one, Mutliple ladies, and Sunday talk.
    And I did see what Carmen did.... :)

  3. I had a dream a couple of nights ago.... I was walking around a gallery, and there was so many people walking around as happy as I am, jaw dropped faces all around .. admiring the huge prints.
    and one thing I clearly remember, it was your gallery ..

    I hope this dream would come true...

  4. Great picture as usual! I still can not reach similar quality. Envy you. :)

  5. Are you ever going to review the E-M5II? Camera in bag stays in bag, yes? :)

  6. The 8mm f/1.8 fisheye is next on my list. The Panasonic GM5 will be put on hold again. I actually spent part of the money on the Pentax K-50 to see if APS-C could do better in lower light situations. I can't tell with the kit lens, though.

    I hope that the fisheye lens is incredible, especially compared to the ZD 8mm f/3.5 lens because I could still use that on the E-1 and E-5, plus there are several available for the Pentax K-50.

    Enjoy your experience with the new lenses!

  7. who said that the 9mm bodycap is a toy lens obviously has not seen somebody use it as masterfully as you!
    Stunning geometrical light play, perfectly displayed in B&W.
    You are by far the best advocate for Olympus that I have seen.

  8. You are very good at what you do Robin. I love studying you photos. These latest ones are great. Cheers, Antoine

  9. Robin, truly awesome pictures -and I just love the elevator cube ones!!! Thank you!