Sometimes, the Oneplus One Took The Shots

Of course I went to the streets with my trusty OM-D and PEN cameras but some scenes compelled me to take out the Oneplus One and shoot. 

Like the following few shots.


Green Thorns



  1. Hi would you mind telling me what kind of Camera app you use for the Oneplus One since i capture i got the image size only 1-4 Mb for the Build in Camera and For Camera FV-5 i got about 8 but the image is not good as you shot. I found that you image at least 8 to 11 Mb with a very good looking image. :)

    1. First of all, image size does not equal to image quality. You can have a 200MB photo but that does not mean that photo will be better than a 1MB photo.
      Secondly, both the default camera app and camera FV-5 captures at full resolution of 13MP. The images are then presented in JPEG (a compressed format of image), hence cutting down the size, which is about the size as you have mentioned (average 3-4MB, depending on how much details in the photo).

      To obtain good image quality, kindly build up your basics on photography fundamentals. Understanding of light, how the camera works and how to shoot good images. These apply to whatever medium you use, from a 100,000 dollars camera to a mere 2MP smartphone camera.

    2. use the stock CM camera use the correct settings in each situation and always shoot in raw (DNG format) 15mb aprox from there you can do magic :)

  2. Hey dude, nice photos.I was wondering do you have you tried your omds with canon's L series lenses ? be it the F4 or F2.8 version. I've read somewhere online saying you'll be needing an adapter for that and you'll get everything going minus the autofocus though.Any thoughts ?