Matti Sulanto from Finland

I had a visitor from Finland this morning joining me for shutter therapy, Matti Sulanto. I think this is probably the first time I have met anyone from Finland! Matti has got quite a story to tell in his photography journey, he has started decades ago in professional photography in the film era, moving on to the digital age, using many different formats. Previously he was using Nikon full frame system which he has since then switched fully to Olympus. The turning point was the introduction of electronic viewfinder that worked so well, changing the way he shoots, having the "what you see is what you get capabilities". He has never looked back, while he still flirted with other brands such as Fuji (which he did for a year), he found himself coming back to the Olympus OM-D system. His reasons: the camera that is so reliable, and yet small and light, producing image output that is more than good enough for everything that he does. Also, he commented that the current OM-D E-M1 is a camera that can do anything! 

It was such a breath of fresh air, listening to testinomies about the Olympus OM-D system from a real professional photographer! I have written lengthily from a photography enthusiast's point of view, but I dare not represent the voice of professionals. Nonetheless, it was clear that more and more prominent photographers are switching to OM-D and it is very clear that mirrorless is the future.

I brought Matti to my favourite street hunting ground, Chow Kit. I sure hope he liked the place, and found some nice shots there as well!

On another note, my M.Zuiko 25mm F1.8 has been missing from me for the past 2 months, I loaned it to a friend who travelled to Japan and Australia for holidays. The 25mm F1.8 was returned to me just a few days ago, and boy, did I miss the lens so much! I decided to just use this one lens for today's session. It was a short session, as I did have something occupying me in the afternoon. It was great to have the lens back and I foresee myself using it more and more.

All images were taken with Olympus OM-D E-M5 and M.Zuiko 25mm F1.8

Meet Matti Sulanto from Finland, an Olympus OM-D professional user. Check out his amazing photographs at

The cat knows

Portrait of a Stranger 1

Portrait of a Stranger 2

morning paper

Pouring Out

hanging out

Portrait of a Stranger 3


  1. Hi Robin,

    I fully agree with you and Matti. I am a wedding and portrait photographer and switched from Nikon FF to mirrorless a few month ago. For my journey to Thailand in september I used my E-M1 and E-M5 and I'm impressed. Also for wedding photography I use Olympus. You can see my work on Almost all photos were taken with OM-D. In January 2015 I have an exhibition of my work.

    Regards, Baris

    1. Hello Baris,
      Glad to know another photographer who uses OM-D professionally! I personally use Olympus to shoot weddings as well and I do think the OM-D performs well. Too bad you are so far away, would love to attend and see your exhibition!

  2. Hi Robin (and anyone else),

    I have the E-PL6 and carry around the M.ZUIKO 12mm. I'm looking to get a 25mm, but am undecided between the panasonic vs olympus 25mm. Olympus seems to be sharper edge to edge, but the effective 1 stop extra light (over f/2.0) is very attractive for star photography too. Or maybe i'm just being too picky? Any suggestions?

    Also shooting with weddings, the concern for not having a dual sd card slot has not been an issue?

    PS I enjoy your posts Robin =]



    1. Dear Michael,

      I have done an exhaustive comparison review between the Panasonic vs Olympus 25mm. Please do take some time to read before asking further questions.

  3. Lots have been said about these two lenses. Google and you find it. Even on this blog, where Robin tested both, is lot of interesting information. I had to choose too and I did. You have to choose too, I guess . . .

  4. Lovely photos as usual - I've always enjoyed them, especially since I usually shoot predominantly street myself. Composition, lighting, diversity whilst maintaining consistency in style. The vibe I get from reading the text though is the continual slide towards selling Olympus to your readers with most of your articles. Not a bad thing mind you, seeing as you are an Olympus employee - but I feel like it's becoming increasingly prominent lately. I've endeared myself much more to your articles about photography in general, rather than the continual sales pitch of mirrorless systems. We get it - they're fantastic, and present incredible advantages over traditional DSLR systems. It's come so far as a system and I doubt any of the informed photographers here will deny that. Saying that, having it interwoven continually in your articles is becoming such a laborious effort to skim over - akin to someone hammering their point of view over and over again even though you've heard them several times before. Please don't take my comment as aggressive or offensive, I mean neither. All I am expressing is that from time to time, and especially of late, this has felt like a sales-pitch for Olympus gear, rather than an expression of wonderful street photography. We don't need another Ken Rockwell on the internet.

    FYI though not relevant - I have used everything from 1" to Full frame. I guess I've done a reverse Matti Sulanto of sorts and went back to Full Frame Nikon after a short affair with u43 cameras. Weight sure is an issue, especially as an avid traveler - but I simply couldn't adhere to the "good enough" IQ mantra. There was simply too much of a discernible difference between the two formats for me. In the end I've compromised with primes and never looked back. One day I'll certainly consider a smaller format again, and I am still wonderfully amazed by some of the photo's taken with such systems. It just wasn't for me.