OnePlus Fan Gathering, Malaysia

I have to admit, after using the Oneplus One phone for about almost 2 months now, I have completely fallen in love with it. I have also reviewed the Oneplus One's camera capabilities here (click) and did some slow shutter speed experiments (click). The few outstanding features I like about the phone, is the high flagship specifications, long battery life (can last me whole day with just a single charge) and more importantly, it was priced ridiculously low, about half of what other competitions in the similar range were offering! 

When Jackie Loi alerted me about the first ever OnePlus Fan Gathering event in Malaysia, which happened earlier this afternoon, I immediately registered. I went with Jackie of course, and was glad to find so many attendees. Somehow it felt really strange seeing so many people using the same phone as you do, all in the same room. Indeed OnePlus user base in Malaysia is growing strong, and I am very happy to be a part of this vibrant community. If you have not known by now, the OnePlus is setting up a local office in Malaysia, which the OnePlus One phone should be made readily available to be purchased by Malaysians. 

All images were taken with Olympus OM-D E-M1 and M.Zuiko lenses 45mm F1.8, 25mm F1.8 and 9mm F8 fisheye bodycap lens. 

NEVER SETTLE, the tagline for OnePlus. 

Not bad for the first official OnePlus event in Malaysia, so glad to see such high turnout. 

My OnePlus One on the left, and Jackie's on the right. Ours do not have the Cyanogenmod logo, since we bought imported sets, not through the official "invite system" channel. Seriously, who can wait for the invites forever?

Unboxing two new units for everyone to touch and try!

The WHITE Version

There was a short product presentation

Soyacincau already did live updates!

Hello Chin Ann! Long time no see! Glad I told you about this event eh?

The strange thing about this event, I noticed amongst the tech junkies, the mirrorless camera is the main choice now. There were more mirrorless users in comparison to DSLR users. I have seen a few Panasonic and Olympus micro four thirds cameras as well as Fuji and Sony cameras. 

Me and Jackie. You have to blame Jackie, he was the one who relentlessly convinced me on how awesome the OnePlus One phone is. 

On the whole I do think the event was quite a success. I did have my own expectations when I attended the event, I thought there would be an announcement on when OnePlus One will officially start their operations in Malaysia locally. Besides that, I also anticipated the showcase of some original accesories, like the swappable back covers of the phone, as well as the new interesting earphones such as the SilverBullet and JBL OnePlus earphones, which I think none of the people who attended the gathering have seen or tried before. These few items, if made available for us to touch and feel, would have been super awesome. After all, you have an event with so many of your supporters around, why not use them to further propagate the new accessories which you will sell?

I sure hope to see more future activities from OnePlus, and I wish the local Malaysian team will be up and running soonest possible. We were told that the difference between OnePlus and other phone manufacturers, would be the "community closeness sense" which the OnePlus is riding on. If that is true, then let's create more fun activities together!

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  1. Thanks Robin, nice to see so many OnePlus users, I can dreaming to have one... No chance to pre order, not shipping to Slovakia. And Invitation... From whom when phone here is very rare? But nice to see Olympus there :-)

    1. I did not get mine through the invite system. My unit was an imported unit. It is readily available here.

  2. hope got lucky draw next time. to win brand new opo

  3. where can I get and how much it costs