Glorious Olympus Colors

I was invited by dear friend Raja Indra Putra to join his amazing group of PSPJ (Photographic Society of Petaling Jaya) members' outing at Chow Kit this morning. It was a pleasure meeting so many new faces, all beautiful and friendly people who have so much passion to shoot! More interestingly, I saw more people using Olympus, and was flattered to find a few members who knew me from my blog. I am truly humbled and you know what, our conversation developed into the things we loved about Olympus, and one consistent discussion I had with all Olympus users was about the colors we get from our Olympus cameras. Yes, it was the glorious, Olympus colors. 

I have had so many questions from everywhere asking me about how I "post-process" my images to get the colors to look the way they look on my blog. Seriously, I always answered the same: the colors were straight out of camera. Though I shot everything in RAW I processed them through the Olympus Viewer 3 software, which provided me with the exact same color reproduction as the camera JPEG engine. And yes, as hard as it is to believe, the colors from Olympus cameras, were already THAT good, even without doing any further processing. Honest, I did not do anything to the original camera colors, and yes, Olympus colors are really that great. I set my camera's white balance to Auto most of the time and I find that rarely failed. 

And oh, the beautiful, life-like, pleasing skin tones from Olympus images. I know the color preference is a subjective thing, and may cause bloodshed if I push this discussion involving different brands (such as how Fuji people kept saying how amazing their colors are but honestly I find otherwise and I shall keep quiet now before all hell breaks loose), but if I need just one reason to stay with Olympus, just ONE, it would be because of the beautiful Olympus colors. 

All images were taken with Olympus OM-D E-M5 and M.Zuiko Digital 45mm F1.8 lens

Hanging Around


Portrait of a Stranger

Backalley Coffee Shop

By The Road



Fruits 2

Portrait of a Stranger 2
ISO6,400 shot, with flourescent lighting.


Portrait of a Stranger 3

PSPJ Members at Chow Kit
Photo Credit: Raja Indra Putra


  1. Thanks Robin for joining us for the photo walk. Excellent set of pictures from you as always.

    1. Thanks Ripi for inviting. Was a pleasure to be there and nice to see so many people so passionate shooting!

  2. Nice nature color.
    One of the Fuji user told me tat the nice Fuji color was based on SLR but not DSLR anymore. Some of fuji digital filter still able to present out the old Fuji color. Hope he didn't give me a wrong info.

    1. I have a very very litle experience with film, only in the recent years and only with consumer film, but in the low end film kodak have better colors for me, warmer smooth colors than the coller but more satured collors but with a unfortonate green casting

  3. nice captures and write up ...captures the spirit of the photowalk.. pretty well ...!

  4. Lovely pictures, and gorgeous colors indeed. Nicely saturated without looking over-the-top or artificial. Oly does have a very special sauce which is very appealing indeed. And, of course, in your hands these excellent cameras and lenses really shine!

    Keep 'em coming, Robin. Excellent work.

  5. Great photos as usual. Out of interest, what settings do you use mostly for your photos with this camera?

  6. Photowalk !!!! Need to find time to do this !!

    Awesome photos as usual... <3

  7. Out of the camera is the way to go!! That's the way it was in the old film days. Who wants to spend all day fiddling around with the pictures on the computer, anyway? I like the lady next to you who has her camera attached to a monopod - she looks like she is having a great time! :-)

  8. Hi Robin,
    Sorry I always miss your outing. Will make it next time. Awesome passionate photographers as shown in their faces.
    I may called myself a lazy photographer as I love to shoot and shoot but lazy to do editing. Olympus saves my time and can go out shooting more often. My old system was good but this new system is better in time saving for product delivery time.
    May you have a great day.

  9. As always, great photos! I agree that the amazing color is the most appealing aspect of Olympus cameras, although there many others. You are a great ambassador of Olympus for casual photo shooters like me because you deliver amazing photos without any confusing post-processing. One question that I always wanted to ask, do you normally use i-Finish, vivid, natural, or flat for your picture settings?

  10. You previously wrote that 6400 ISO is not "something that Micro Four Thirds shooters can do comfortably".

    Out of the images here, the only one that has details on the settings is just for 6400

    As non-pro Should we be worried? :)

    Would be interested to know more about what setting you choose. Maybe run us through a few scenes and resulting photos?

    Thanks for your blog.

  11. i just couldn't agree more with your statement... coming from canon camp previously, I can see that Olympus color are way better and more natural too.. really wish that I had jumped to Olympus camp a lot sooner =)

  12. when i was doing 3d illustration. i choose olympus as i do not have issue when my client sees the actual sample in relate to the visual presented. now i feel that unless you have a good lens to use for low light , olympus could be a pain. the noise appear in patches!! nowadays, my family only goes out at the early morning and the evening (due to work, school and heat). olympus seems to be difficult to use.

    in my opinion, i would keep my olympus with a large aperture lenses.but this is the most i would go. but i am already looking for other option.

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