Night Photowalk with Johan Sopiee

A prominent Malaysian wedding photographer, Johan Sopiee organized a photowalk at KLCC area earlier this evening, and I was privileged to join the gang for a short shooting session. There was a heavy downpour in late afternoon and the sky did threaten to rain, but that did not stop many of us to turn up and have our shutter clicking happen. The gang met up at Dome, KLCC, had drinks and proceeded to shooting around the KLCC area. I did bring a tripod along, just in case I wanted to do long exposure shooting, but I decided not to do so for most of my shots, probably because I came from a long day of work and I was physically very tired. Nevertheless the shoot went on!

I have taken quite a few shots of the KLCC scene but they all turned out too ordinary, and honestly the twin towers have been shot too many times before in all imaginable ways possible. It was not easy creating shots that can stand out from the rest. Considering it was a rainy day, there were low clouds hanging and fortunate enough for us some puffs decided to crashed on the peak of the twin towers! That was when the magic happened, and we only had very short windows of opportunity. I know I know, out there, at other many times many people might have shot similar towers with clouds shot before but hey, it was my first time and boy was I excited!

All and all it was a great session, and I had fun catching up with Johan, and making a few new friends. More importantly, I got shutter clicking going on and I could not have asked for a better evening spent!

All images were taken with Olympus OM-D E-M5 with M.Zuiko lenses 12-50mm F3.5-6.3 and 45mm F1.8 

Johan (check out his website here)He is an OM-D user too!

Hafiz Ismail, another OM-D user. 

The director. 

The group photo. Photo credit: Johan Sopiee


  1. Great stuff, as usual.

    I wouldn't mind doing that, but I'll have to wait months. It's going to be down to -12 degrees C tonight.

    1. Hey Sakamoto,
      -12 Degrees sounds like fun!

    2. Dear Mr. Wong,

      You're welcome to switch places with me! My ancient frostbite still prevents me from enjoying the cold.

  2. Another fine article. Ultimately, you make it all look like fun and that's sufficient reason to bring us readers back! Add to that a sincere, but light-hearted spirit, mixed with respect for the magic of the light-capturing process called photography. Thanks for the work you do.

    1. Hey Reverend,
      Thanks for the kind words! Photography should be fun and if we are to shoot we should enjoy ourselves!

  3. Nice shots, I bet you all had much fun that night!

  4. Every time I see a camera on a Joby Gorillapod, I might comment "Look at that cute little one!"
    I always imagine as if the camera + pod combo were anthropomorphic and walking with its three legs.

    Night photo session does look fun!

  5. I adore the first shot - excellent composition. Are you processing your B/W shots a bit differently? Just curious.