Introducing Zuikoholics

Side Note: I will be travelling to Japan for work, and will be gone for about a week. I am not sure what kind of Internet connection I will be having there, hence if I have been more silent than usual, do not panic, it simply means I will be terribly busy with work, or have no access to Internet (or more piratical reason, too busy out there shooting, if I do find some time). Well, this will be my first visit to the Land of the Rising Sun, so YAY!

Earlier this morning, I had the privillege to join a group of local photographers whom I admire a lot, and they call themselves the Zuikoholics. Formed by fans of Olympus and Zuiko products, this group of photographers are some of the most passionate Olympus users I have known in Malaysia, and many of them have stayed with Olympus for many years, some even longer than me, and these days with the camera wars going on, loyalty has become a rare and extremely admirable trait to have for a photographer. I have often respected and awed at the photography work they produced, and they are maintaining a photography blog here (click to go to Zuikoholics). It was quite an interesting pool of talents, because they basically cover many grounds, from street photography, macro photography, abstract art to landscape and events. Considering how much they love Olympus and have stayed with Olympus all these years, they are amongst the most knowledgeable Olympus users I have known and I would gladly recommend any newcomers to Olympus to seek Zuikoholics members out for advice. 

I met up with three of their active members, Suzailan Jai, Ahmad Jaa and Capin Zaini at Pudu Wet Market and we had some shutter clicking action. I felt so inspired and motivated just by walking alongside them! I should really make time to shoot with them more, and perhaps next time, doing an insect macro outing. So much I can learn from.

All images were taken with Olympus OM-D E-M5 and M.Zuiko 45mm F1.8 lens

Take My Fruits

Looking at the Stranger

Putu Mayam


To Tie a Bag

Bright Smile

Chicken Murderer

How to Murder a Chicken


Market Folk

On top of the world

Market folk 2

Market Folk 3

How to handle TWO cameras

Top: Suzailan jai
Bottom Left: Ahmad Jaa
Bottom Right: Capin Zaini

Street Photographers in action. 

The pool of our gear. OM-D only outing. 

I brought out two lenses today, the 17mm F1.7 and 45mm F1.8, but somehow I ended up with using only one lens, the 45mm F1.8, and I did not even realize this until I reviewed my images. Strange, because normally I would have certain shots that came to me which require wider coverage. That did not happen today. 

Nonetheless, it was a brief shooting session, but a very satisfying one. Can't wait for shutter therapy in Japan (leaving soon), if I can find the time!


  1. Love the pics! (I still haven't got to use the 45mm yet) and have a fun trip to Japan!

  2. No 2 awesome, nice pictures Robin

  3. Have a safe trip, and enjoy yourself! Bundle up!

    1. Thanks Sakamoto! Loving Japan already!

    2. It's like Singapore with chewing gum and Japanese people, yes?

      I miss being in Japan, but I couldn't afford Tokyo anyway. I hope you're getting plenty of real, traditional Japanese food.

  4. it is such a pleasure to visit your rich blog [rich with images] .........capable of inspiring any one to go out and shoot ...:)

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  6. Hi Robin ...enjoy your stay in connection with Japan from Holland is ..... (Osaka)

    Take care,JB

  7. I hope you enjoy in Japan. Is it for work?then stay in Tokyo?

    1. Yeah it is a business trip. Staying in Hachioji. Tokyo is reachable.

    2. Ochioji, where the heart of Olympus :-)

  8. hi robin

    am a huge fan of your website. thanks for all the informative articles.

    just got my Oly EM1and the 12-40 pro lens last week. its a beauty :)

    you were right about all the things you said about this camera. its awesome.

    now the horror story part.

    reached home from the showroom and took out the camera. and the lens. was inspecting the lovely equipment closely and i saw a 3-4mm long white thread like foreign particle inside the back element of the lens !! (saw it through magnifying lens-looks like a thread piece from the white inspection gloves they use in labs!)

    and this is a PRO lens from a company renowned for their optics !!

    a shocker !!

    called up the Olympus dealer i bought it from in New Delhi, India, first thing in the morning . they didn't believe me - obviously ! i went over immediately and showed them and lo and behold they all saw it !

    well a replacement lens is on its way. still have the defective piece. another few days…can't wait.

    i thought i would share this with you. just so that we all are aware that these things can happen with lax quality control… very sad.

  9. Are you coming to Japan ?? Wow !! I hope you like my country.
    Well, it is very cold here. So, please take care of yourself. I hope you have time to take a lot of pictures and share with us in your blog.

  10. Hello Robin, nice pics... Love the 45mm perspective too. Impressive timing on 'How to murder a chicken' pic.... well we do have to eat somehow. Wow... Japan! I envy you... I'm sure Japan will be a great place for shutter therapy.

  11. As always, I love your photos. hehehe..

    can i consider myself as the one of the beginners of zuikoholics too? kakakaka..

    I'm going to Japan soon too. hohoho..

  12. Excellent work! Love the first and especially the second image. Man, that 45mm is sharp, sharp, sharp.