Some Behind the Scenes Photos

You know, I very seldom thought of how I looked like when I was shooting, and certainly when I have been shooting with many people who tagged along with me on the streets lately, more and more photos were taken of me while I was shooting away, and when those photos came back.... I almost always went "whaaaaaattt....... no waaayy I looked like that!!!". Honestly, I never knew how I blended with the street while I was shooting, that was one mystery yet to be solved. 

Awwww please don't walk away...

Before walking away...

I actually thought I was standing a lot closer when I was taking this shot, but my estimation on the field has been wrong all along. What I thought was less than a meter away, turned out to be about one and a half meter distance. Trust me this was a grave mistake, because my engineering background requires me to estimate distances rather accurately. 

The usual headshot street portrait

He liked the shot too!

Always happy to meet amazing photographers

I am afraid of heights actually! 

I don't shoot with tripod often. 

And I did not know I held the camera like that! I did not know my fingers can bend so much as well. 

Special thanks to Jackie, Siew KS, Jason, Nick, Khong and Shaun for the photos. 


  1. Love the details!!! Gosh....that's small!!!

  2. So you would always ask before you shoot someone and then show them what you shot after? Curious cause I think the hard part is asking. :(

    1. Here, read this,

  3. Hi Robin,

    Thanks for you're Olympus support, I bought the EM-1 + 12-40 today, will let you know when it arrives!
    You can follow the updates on my new website!!

    Kind regards


  4. I know about the surprise of seeing yourself while shooting. Years ago, I met an online friend and we went to a state park with wildlife and I was moving slowly to photograph a duck, but it was ready to fly away. I got my shots, including some wing flapping, and then, he uploaded a shot of me, and I had to laugh. At least, I wasn't on the ground looking up at a building that time. :-D

    You do some enjoyable work. Does it matter how you look or how you see yourself looking?

    1. Hey Sakamoto,
      You were right, it does not matter how I look, appearance is not important, but I was just curious how people look at me, because that is exactly what I am photographing!

  5. Aww my photo is there XD
    Can't wait to get E-M1 then let's go shooting again ;)

  6. A big thank u to your accompanying photographer friends for your 'caught in action 'shots .:)

  7. Robin which tripod are you using in the photo above?

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  10. If you'd want to see something funny, you should have seen me in the past doing wildlife photography. I'm a big and tall person. So picture little petite me, with the grace, suppleness and stealth of a charging rhinoceros going through the undergrowth of the woods with a not-so-small medium format body and a colossal 300m Zeiss Sonnar. Ah, the good old days. I did manage a few really special shots though, and a few of the sky when I missed the trunk of a tree.