Kuching Food Galore From My April Trip Home

I have just realized that I have not posted the images of food adventures that I have had when I was home in Kuching, Borneo in April. I returned to my hometown for "Ching Ming" and of course, I went around and ate too much good food. Once upon a time this blog was also a place for food images dump, so I thought why not indulge you people with some of these lovely dishes from my beloved birth place! All images were taken with Nikon D600 and either Nikon 50mm F1.8 D or Yongnuo 35m F2 lens. 

Kolo Mee

Char Kueh


More Kompia

Lek Tau Suan With You Chia Kueh

Kolo Mee - Red Version

More Kolo Mee

Tomato Fried Noodles

Sarawak Laksa

Sugar Cane Juice With Coconut

3-Layer Teh-C-Peng

More Kolo Mee

Cyril Dason

Georgette Tan

Allen Ang

Kieron Long

Dearest Mum

More Kolo Meeeeee

White Lady

Kolo Mee with Wonton

Selfie in Starbucks

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