ISO200 Night Challenge Revisited - Just Use ISO200 For Low Light Urbanscape

I am revisiting a topic which I have covered 3 years ago, about fixing ISO at 200 for low light night shooting. This time, I did something differently as I brought along my HDMI video capture device, so I can show you what was happening through my viewfinder as I adjusted my settings and composed my shots. The main concept of this exercise was the same, we can get away with just ISO200 shooting hand-held, trusting the camera's powerful image stabilization. ISO200 produces perfectly clean results, optimized for sharpness, noise control, dynamic range, and color tonality. I highly suggest that you give it a try, just fix your camera's ISO to 200, and roam around at night in the city, capturing some awesome city scapes. 

I was shooting with Olympus E-M1 Mark III and M.Zuiko 12-40mm F2.8 PRO, the great combination for having a bit of zoom versatility, while the F2.8 bright aperture helps a lot in dimmer environment. Everything was shot hand-held, around Petaling Street area in Kuala Lumpur. POV video here (click). 

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