Reacquiring The Panasonic GM1 In 2022

Many, many years ago I purchased the Panasonic GM1, loved the camera but sold it off to fund for the Olympus PEN E-P5, which was in every way an upgrade, except for compactness in size and weight. I did regret that decision, I genuinely loved having an incredibly small camera that houses full size Micro Four Thirds image sensor and can take all my lenses with no issue. Very recently I found a used unit in the marketplace and at a price I just cannot refuse! Boy oh boy, was I so excited to reacquire the GM1, and I could not wait to do some shutter therapy with it. 
I did a POV street shooting video with the GM1 here (click). 

I have written extensively about my experience shooting with the Panasonic GM1 so many years ago, and having used it again recently, my thoughts about the camera have not changed. I shall not repeat them, but I truly appreciate the tiny form factor, there is something special about using such a small camera. The 16MP image sensor may be outdated now, but it still captures plenty of good details, with sufficient dynamic range for my own use. I don't intend to use this GM1 for professional shoots, so for my personal snapshots and street shooting, it is more than sufficient. 

Unfortunately the light in this session was not good. It was cloudy and I did not have much contrast to work with. The images come out dull and flat, not really the camera's fault, and I tried to compensate for the lack of lighting by finding more interesting and unusual subjects. I paired the GM1 with the Panasonic 15mm F1.7 lens, which I think is the perfect lens for the camera. Very small and light, a sharp prime with fast F1.7 aperture, it was the perfect setup I need for street shooting that morning. I am sharing some images, not my best work unfortunately due to the poor light, but I do quite enjoy the morning walk with my friends, I had fun using the miniature GM1 and some of these shots I do quite like them. 

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