Shutter Therapy In Malacca

I did a POV street photography video in Malacca and it was first attempt at anything POV for the YouTube. Do check it out here (click). Photography was not the main agenda of the short trip to Malacca, I intended that to be food adventure and catching up with some old friends. Also I wanted to chill, relax and just get away from the metropolitan Kuala Lumpur for a little bit, before resuming my ever crazy busy life. It was a great weekend, had plenty of fun, ate too much awesome Malacca food and I did manage to squeeze in some time for shutter therapy. So I am sharing my shots here, all shot with the old dinosaur Canon 5D classic and 50mm F1.8. 

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  1. The food in your Vlog looks outstanding and the images here are excellent as always (really like the young woman on the red steps). A 5D mk i and EF50mm f1.8 mk ii is the last of my EOS system I still have since it was not worth selling. The EF50mm f1.8 mkii is sharp corner to corner at around f2.8 but its OOF rendering wide open is IMHO it's weakest attribute. Can't wait for part II of your Malacca food trip.

  2. Fine selection of photos. They made me want to get out and do some street photography again, which I haven't done since the pandemic started. I'm glad you were able to get out and shoot again.