Olympus 8-25mm Is SHARP!

Malaysia has just recorded all time high Covid-19 new daily cases today at 9353. The numbers just keep going up. After 2 months plus of lockdown and being confined in my miserable room, we are nowhere near recovery, that light at the end of the tunnel might be just a train heading straight for us. I now have the Olympus M.Zuiko 8-25mm F4 PRO with me, which I can't do much testing (nothing fun to shoot around here), but we do have a neighborhood cat that is a bit too friendly. I thought, why not? Since there really is nothing else to do. I am sure the spider in my room is bored of me talking to him, so time to torture another creature instead. The spider could use some rest. 

How can you say no to this face?

Crop from previous image - the Olympus 8-25mm is super sharp at longest end 25mm. 

I was very pleased to report that the Olympus 8-25mm lens is incredibly sharp, based on my initial, brief testing. Nothing conclusive yet, I still need to do more extensive shoots but for now, I am happy with what I see from the images that came out from this lens. I only shared this one shot of the cat, because the other images I got were 1) my messy bedroom 2) the ugly buildings near my apartment 3) the boring parking space in the basement with lousy lighting 4) ugly sky that was about to rain 5) myself naked. Ok, maybe I made up the last item, or... did I not? You have to understand, being stuck in a room for more than 2 months, it does things to you. 
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  1. Robin gets new lens, cat eats spider, Robin gets to photograph cat.
    My attempt at silliness.
    I hope all is going good for you during these trying times. There is only so much can be done being in a lockdown. I spent most of my past year on the radio (amateur radio). Sure made the year go fast and I spoke with people of all walks of live all over the world. More than if countries were not in lockdown.

  2. We all know that your review will be worth waiting for, just for the cat pictures! I have read good things about this lens, but it will be more interesting to see it get the Robin Wong treatment.

    Meanwhile, where I live, people have been unhappy with being given a particular day (but a wide choice of time) to get their vaccine, unresponsive to attempts to make appointments because they are on vacation (maybe even on a foreign beach or roaming the land), and today's idiocy is that people have been refusing appointments for one vaccine because they have heard better things about the other one. Neither are involved with any widely reported side-effects because this country has been "donating" those vaccines to other countries who don't have the luxury of picking and choosing.

    I only hope it gets better for you and those in your position, Robin. Stay safe!

  3. Wishing you well, Robin.

    We've had lots of hard lockdowns here in Victoria (Australia). It's hard, but works.

    Regards, John

    1. No it does not work. We are almost 3 months in hard lockdown and the cases now almost doubled before lockdown! People are dying literally and figuratively because of the lockdown, not the virus.

    2. I agree with your opini Robin

  4. BTW, lovely pussy cat. I missed the spider shots ...

  5. Hey Robin, tried to connect on Instagram (Abraham Latchin) what’s the best way to reach you?

  6. You have made me realise just how tough lockdowns can be is densely populated places. I live in Perth in a 2 bedroom, ground level older townhouse , but have spent enough time in large Asian cities like HK and KL to know what you mean by a tiny living space. I even have a back yard where I can sit outside by myself and of course we have been pretty well covid free here. So hang in there, mate. I can appreciate how tough it must be. I really like your approach to photography and your intensity, but most of all your honesty. I just bought the Oly E-M5 Mark lll, because of your comparison with the EM-1 Mark ll, because of the lighter weight and because I simply did not need the professional features, as a retied 78 year old, that make the EM-1 your camera of choice. It is absolutely clear that you are truthfully talking about your experience of the cameras or lenses you are reviewing. And that creates trust, which is precisely what is missing with many YouTube reviewers as you have said. This lens test is correctly labeled a first impression and wow it seems sharp.

  7. Robin, I really feel for you being stuck in the situation you find yourself in. Almost like being in solitary confinement in jail I guess. Really missing your reviews. There seems to be no end in sight of this pandemic.
    Stay safe, and keep thinking positive thoughts mate and enjoy your coffee's. You need more people buying them for you! Best wishes from Laidley, Qld, Australia.

  8. Because of You Robin, and you youtube channel i bought my first micro 4/3 camera. And i don't regret. I hope, everything is alright, and you safe. Remember, always after the rain comes sun. Cheers from Poland.