New Podcast Video Series #ROBINSPEAKS

Obviously I have too much time, and I can't shoot much being trapped in this tiny miserable room during lockdown in Malaysia, so I thought hey why not do a podcast style, longer format videos of me speaking to you guys? The difference between this new series and my usual videos is - I can speak more freely and openly in a more relaxed manner, commenting on various topics on photography industry, trends or new products, as well as sharing a little bit more about myself. The idea has been lingering at the back of my mind for a while now, and I finally did it. First episode has just dropped and you can see the video here (click). 

New video series #ROBINSPEAKS. Episode 1 is here, go watch it now (click). 

The problem with making videos on YouTube - for the algorithm to work, typically for smaller channels your videos cannot be too long. Ideally it has to be around 10-12 minutes mark, anything too long will hurt the channel. Therefore, I am making these videos in the new series not really to grow the audience, but to engage the current audience. I am not reaching out to new people with these longer format videos, but to speak more openly with my existing followers, blog readers or YouTube subscribers. I will discuss more lengthily on topics without worrying about time limit or dragging the video too long, I will be more candid and casual about answering difficult questions and I will share more information about myself. I guess this is a more effectively way to open myself up and to connect to people that actually do care. And I know, you guys are here, and many of you genuinely care. I appreciate that, and I thank you for being here. 

For this first video of #ROBINSPEAKS series, I started it easy with several topics. I shared what happened recently on the E-P7 and 8-25mm lens releases and I was not informed about the products before launch and did not get any samples for reviews. I also shared my current situation and how I am coping with the recent total lockdown in Malaysia. There was a little photo sharing on the jumping spider I blogged about yesterday, perhaps it would be beneficial for the YouTube audience who do not come to this blog. Also, I took this opportunity to answer some YouTube comments directly, some asking which camera wrist strap that I used, what happened to my body (I look different now), questions about video shooting and also flash on E-M1 Mark II. I took my time to answer these questions and also sprinkled some interesting facts about me, for those who wanted to get to know me better. I don't intend to go on more than 30 minutes long for each video. Ideally, maybe around 25-30 minutes mark would be tolerable. I don't want these videos to become like an hour long podcast, even I can't stand listening to my own voice for that long. 

Do let me know what you think of this new format video, and if you want it to be a regular thing. Do you think 30 minutes is too long? What topics would you want me to discuss or talk openly about in future episodes? Let me know! 

Last but not least, huge thanks for all the kind messages and positive vibes, I appreciate your support and honestly, you just being here made all the difference. I am truly fortunately to have this wonderful and caring community of blog readers/YouTube subscribers. Don't worry, I am doing OK, I just need to go through what I have to go through, I have always been honest, and I will continue to do so, sharing a bit more about myself here, and in my videos. 

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  1. Hello Robin
    Enjoyed your 'Robin Speaks' very much, let us hope the authorities get on top of the virus as quickly as possible and you are allowed some movement outside soon.
    Here is a question on which I'd be interested to hear your comments:
    When you buy a lens, do you try out 2-3-4 individual examples and choose the best one, or do you simply take whatever is on offer?
    The 45mm f1.8 has such a good reputation among reviewers, and I know you have used one extensively (but have never 'reviewed' it - why not????), but those made in Vietnam seem to vary a great deal in optical quality, so it would be interesting to hear of your purchasing experiences.

    1. hey David, thanks for the feedback, appreciate it. I did a review for 45mm F1.8. Just google Robin Wong 45mm!

  2. hey Robin, I did a search before posting and again now - and nothing came up. Looked under your 'Reviews' heading back to 2014 but still nothing on the f1.8, only the f1.2 is there!

  3. Thanks for the link. It was your 2011 article I was looking for, but your blog now only lists 2013 and up, so that's why I couldn't find it! Do you still have a link to the original? Please don't go to any trouble to dig it out if it is not easily found.

  4. I've enjoyed it and personally haven't found it too long, I've actually even followed you as I watched it on the smart TV, and when watching Youtube on the pc I'm never logged.