Best Budget 10 Inch Android Tablet? Teclast P20HD Review

Recently I bought myself a cheap China-made 10 inch Anrdoid tablet, the Teclast P20HD and I personally think it is one great value for money buy. I needed a smart tablet for my photography shooting workflow as well as for personal media consumption, mainly reading e-books and comics. I find that the Teclast P20HD checks all the right boxes - it has decent specifications, beautiful display, runs on latest Android 10 and priced significantly well below what other bigger brands are asking for. I bought mine from Lazada for RM499 (you can find it as low as RM429 during a recent "flash sale") and have been using it for more than 2 weeks now. Here is my review of Teclast P20HD!

For those who prefer to watch a video review (click) instead of reading an article, I got you covered!

The Teclast P20HD works well with my Olympus ecosystem - Bluetooth connection was stable and reliable. 
This is not a sponsored video and I am not associated with Teclast in any way. I bought the P20HD tablet with my own cash. I am sharing my independent, honest opinion, having used this tablet for slightly over 2 weeks now. I am not a tech/gadget reviewer hence I will not dive deep into technical analysis, there will be no heavy benchmarking, graphs and charts. I am merely sharing my experience using the Teclast P20HD tablet. 

Every one has a different reason or purpose of purchasing a specific gadget, I thought it will be helpful to state my intentions clear from the start. I decided to get a tablet to aid my photography shooting workflow. I am a photographer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and I do event coverage, weddings, portraits and lifestyle/casual product shoots. I am currently using Olympus Micro Four Thirds system for my professional photography, thus I can connect my Olympus camera to an Android based smart device. Once connected to the camera, I can use the tablet to show my photographs taken on location immediately to my clients for instant feedback and readjustments for subsequent takes. Having a tablet is more agile and portable for my style of shooting, I move a lot and a laptop would have been a lot more cumbersome. For professional product photography I still shoot tethered to a laptop for better control. 

I decided on a 10 inch sized tablet which I believe hits the right sweet-spot of being large enough to see the images clearly, yet the tablet remains portable enough to carry around. 8 inch would have been too small, and anything larger will be more difficult to handle. The Teclast P20HD came in just nice for this particular scenario, I have used the tablet for a few shoots and it performed flawlessly. 

Besides the use for my photography shoots, I also use the Android tablet for media consumption - mostly for reading e-books and comics. I find that holding a tablet while reading e-books is better than reading it off a laptop screen, there is something about holding a physical device when reading that makes it more enjoyable. Similarly to comics as well. 

The Teclast P20HD is a budget, 10 inch, China made Android based tablet. It has some very impressive specifications for the price-point that I believe no other popularly branded tablets can match in offering.
Here are the key specifications:
Android 10 OS
Unisoc Spreadtrum sc9863a Octa Core processor
10.1 inch IPS Full HD LCD display
6000mAh battery capacity 
Dual band WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0

10 inch is just the perfect size. 8 inch would have been too small (smartphones are inching towards 7" territory), and anything larger than 10" would have been less portable and becoming difficult to handle. 

Simply love the minimalist design of the tablet - virtually nothing in front, just black bezels and screen, that's it. I like that the logo and branding are hidden at the back of the tablet. The clean, minimalist look matches my other gadgets very well. 

Though this is a budget-friendly tablet, it did not feel cheaply built at all. The Teclast P20HD features an all metal back, glass front (display) and plastic sides/edges. The metal back gives the tablet a very premium feel when holding it in hand. The tablet felt really solid, well-constructed with no creaking parts and has no flex when I tried to bend it from all directions. 

I do quite like the design of the tablet in general. I like the minimalist and clean look, with no logo or visible branding of any sort from the front. The Teclast branding and model number are only visible at the back of the tablet, and that is perfectly find since it is easily hidden away. The combination of black glossy front and brushed metal finish at the back of the tablet made it a very beautiful looking device. The screen bezels are not exactly super slim for 2020 standards but for a 10 inch tablet I'd prefer to have some bezels to prevent accidental touches on the screen when handling the device. Too slim of the bezel will spell disaster since the screen is completely touch operation capable. 

The Teclast P20HD has very minimal ports and controls on the tablet, since most of the operations can be done touch-based. 
On the left side panel:
- Power button
- Volume rocker
- USB-C data/power connection
On the right side panel:
- Nothing
At the bottom:
- Stereo speakers
At the top:
- 3.5mm Headphones Jack
- 4G/Micro SD Card slot
Of course there is the front camera (webcam) and also rear main camera, which I think should be neglected from existence. 

The screen quality is perhaps the most important aspect of this tablet to me. Thankfully, the Teclast P20HD has an excellent IPS LCD panel. It is bright, vivid and the colors are highly accurate. Also, you can further fine-tune the white balance adjustment from the display settings. Color accuracy and how my images look on the display are crucial to me since I am a photographer and I intend to use the tablet to show off my photographs. The Full HD resolution was just nice, I'd shy away from choosing a 720p resolution if you want to use this to view and share your photographs. There is sufficient pixel density rendering crisp looking images with plenty of fine details and good contrast, my images look very good on the tablet. 

The tablet does get very bright but viewing under direct sun or bright environment could be an issue due to the glossy and highly reflective screen. Nonetheless, it is bright enough to handle even direct sunlight. However, it does not go dim enough at minimum setting by default, you may need to install third party app to further bring down the brightness level if you intend to use the tablet in very low light environment. 

The front of of course, made of glass, covering the screen display. 

The tablet is really slim in build, and very light too, weighing at only about 531g. The stereo speakers are placed at the bottom. 

All around the edges were well curved. At the right side panel: power button, volume rocker, and USB-C port for charging and data transfer. 

The back plate is made of metal, which gives the tablet a very nice premium feel. The build is quite solid. The rear camera is located at the top right corner, which can be neglected. You can find at the top panel a 3.5mm audio jack (for headphones) and 4G Sim and Micro SD slot. 

The Full HD IPS LCD panel is bright, vivid and shows accurate, pleasing colors. There is enough pixel density to show off fine details and contrast in the images. 

The tablet runs very smoothly with no stutter and issues during my use. App launches very quickly, switching between apps was a breeze and overall the user experience has been very positive. Important note - I don't do anything heavy on this tablet, I only used it for web-browsing, watching YouTube videos, social media interactions, light photo editing (using Snapseed), reading e-books and comics and of course, as mentioned earlier for work being connected to my Olympus camera to display images from the camera. Everything runs efficiently and I did not experience any problems. I did not do anything too overwhelming for the tablet - I am not a gamer, I did not run any games and certainly I did not do video editing on it either. Your milleage may vary depending on what app you are using and what you intend to use the tablet for. 

The 4GB of RAM surely helped in ensuring everything went without hiccup. The Unisoc Spreadtrum sc9832e Octa Core processor may not be the most powerful processor for a smart device but it is sufficient for light tasks. The Antutu score I got from this tablet was slightly above 100 which was very good for a budget tablet, certainly better than I have expected. 

The one thing I do like about the Teclast P20HD is that the tablet runs on Android 10 out of the box. I don't think Teclast intends to keep the firmware updated so the OS running on the latest version is a plus point, considering I don't intend to buy another tablet any time soon. For those who are curious, yes the Google Playstore is already pre-installed and fully compatible, with no issues. 

I did not find any bloatware pre-installed, which was another surprise, considering this is a China tablet and I'd expect some junk apps being included and will face some difficulties removing them. None found whatsoever, which was another great thing. The Android OS is almost barebone, the skin feels very vanilla/stock-like and that is a rarity, even for more popular branded counterparts. I find navigating around the menu and apps very smooth and lag-free, and generally the performance of this tablet, especially at this budget category, is commendable. 

Generally, I am very happy with the display. Even at close up view, you don't see the pixels just yet, unless you stick your eyes very, very close to the tablet, which you should not do, it is 10 inch in size!

Not a bad score for a cheap tablet! Certainly can do very well with light tasks thrown to the tablet. 

Having a large 10 inch screen helps with reading comics, or books.

I carry the tablet everywhere I go to. It is slim, small and light enough to fit in any of my bags, and does not take much space at all. 

The tablet does have dual band WiFi capability and Bluetooth 5.0 built in. I did not push the WiFi, I am not doing anything crazy with the tablet, like downloading large sized 4K movie. The most heavy internet use was loading an online photo gallery of full resolution images, or stream YouTube in Full HD, both the tablet handled very well, and internet connection was fast and smooth. I have also used the Bluetooth connection mainly for my wireless headphones. I am currently still using my 1More Stylish True Wireless Earbuds, which I have reviewed here recently (click). 

The tablet does take in 4G SIM cards and you are able to make phone calls with this tablet, and make use of the 4G LTE network connection for internet. However, I do not intend to use a SIM card for this tablet, so I did not test this. 

Of course, being a budget tablet, the company needs to cut corners somewhere, it cannot be all good news. The one thing which I did not see coming was the poor quality of the audio headphones jack. My goodness, that 3.5mm audio jack was possibly the worst one I have encountered in my entire life. It is pure rubbish and unusable, you should just ignore it's existence. The sound coming from that 3.5mm audio jack is tinny, lacks clarity, has no bass, and is so just utterly horrendous. If you want to enjoy audio from the Teclast P20HD tablet, I highly suggest you invest in a reliable pair of wireless headphones, the prices have gone down. 

The cameras, both at the front and back, are quite poor. Not that any tablets have any good cameras, so I should not be slamming this tablet but it is what it is, you can also safely ignore the cameras and do your best not to use them. You should have your smartphone with you at all times, even a budget, cheap smartphone today can have vastly superior cameras than what you get from the tablet. 

The built in speakers at the bottom of the tablet aren't that bad, but there is nothing to write home about. The sound does get quite loud, but it is passable at best, and not good enough audio quality to be enjoyable for music or movie. Again, may I suggest getting a good pair of wireless headphones, or if you are in a room, connect the audio out via Bluetooth for much better sound quality. 

I have not successfully drained the battery, just to be honest here, I started charging the tablet when it hits close to 20% capacity left. Well, I used the tablet quite a lot throughout the day, so there is no point having left 20% of charge and let that drag onto the next day, which I will need the tablet for an entire day out of the house. I found myself getting about 7-8 hours of usage, which was very close to what Teclast has claimed about 7 hours usage. I don't think that is something to shout about, since the battery capacity is large (6000mAh), so the battery life squeezed out of the P20HD is in line with what is expected from the matching capacity. 

I really did enjoy using the Teclast P20HD tablet, and I personally think it is worth every little cent spent. For a budget, relatively cheap Android tablet, Teclast offers a lot of bang for the buck - you get a lot out of this tablet. While the processor may not be powerful enough to handle intense gaming or other heavy tasks, this is not what the tablet is designed for. For day to day casual use, with light  multi-tasking, I the P20HD performs smoothly with no issues. 

What I like:
Solid build
Minimalist, clean look
Excellent display
Buttery smooth operations (thanks to 4GB RAM)
Android 10 OS
Good battery life
Low pricing

What I dislike:
Poor audio quality from 3.5mm jack
Mediocre built in speakers
Bad cameras

If you are in the market for a smart tablet and you don't want to burn a hole in your wallet or bite into the forbidden fruit's poison, do take a good look at the Teclast P20HD. I personally believe this is the best budget 10" Android tablet for 2020. 

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  1. Some people argue that the screen is very fragile and cannot withstand normal pressure. Can You comment?

    1. I don't feel that the screen is fragile at all. As you see in the video I was bending and flexing the screen, no issue encountered.

    2. Thank You. I hope this is a mistake of other testers.

  2. No worries, I am a budget-conscious person and I don't go for high end products.

  3. Hi Robin, thanks for the review. Really helped me to make up my mind. Two questions. How long does it take to charge? (how many Watts is the charger)Which shop in Lazada did you buy it from? (want to use the same reliable seller. Thanks. Your photos look great, of course.

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    Before I make the decision, can you confirm that it has google playstore to download apps? Asking because of the current US-China situation.

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