25 Tips On Having An Awesome Photowalk

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have had a wonderful celebration and a fantastic time during the holiday season. It may be Christmas time, but shutter therapy must go on. 

I believe photowalk is crucial for any photographer - if you are new to photography it is a place to discover what the camera can do and get to know it better, if you are an experienced shooter it is an opportunity to experiment and continue to work on your craft. Photowalk is also important because we shoot not for others but truly for ourselves, we are not there to please anyone else. For photographers who shoot professionally, taking time off to shoot not for your clients but for yourself can be good for your soul and prevent creative burn outs. 

In my latest video (click here) and also as summarized in this article, I am sharing 25 tips on how to have an awesome photowalk!


1) Visit The Bathroom Before A Photowalk
2) Go minimalist - less is more
3) Wear neutral colors - blend into the crowd
4) Have a simple checklist
5) Wear comfortable shoes
6) Start with positive mind
7) Smile - you are not invisible
8) Respect
9) Keep the shutter clicking
10) Be aware of your surroundings
11) Pet the cat
12) Do a mini project
13) Go with a smaller group
14) Go solo
15) Train hard
16) Take the viewfinder away from the eyes
17) Think of what to shoot, not just how to shoot
18) Make friends
19) Stay hydrated
20) It is OK if you miss a shot - you cannot shoot everything 
21) Avoid distractions - get into the zone - zen mode
22) Take the road not taken
23) Share, print
24) Be yourself - shoot for yourself
25) End the day with an expensive cup of coffee

Please remember to go out and take more photographs! Enjoy shutter therapy. 

And again, have a happy and Merry Christmas!

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  1. Merry Christmas to you too Robin! I always enjoy your blog posts, thank you. Greetings from the Netherlands 🇳🇱