Robin Wong Meets Perth Readers!

Thank you so much for those who came to the mini-gathering earlier this evening at Greens & Co, Leederville, it was such an amazing experience meeting everyone! If you did not know, this was my first time ever in my life organizing a meetup with my blog readers, and it was done in the beautiful city of Perth, WA. I am extremely grateful that I do have loyal readers who have been visiting my site for so many years, some even as long as more than 10 years. I had great fun listening to the stories shared with me, some about their personal journey in photography. I feel truly blessed to have such wonderful people reading my blog, I guess my readers are the reflection of what I have shared and written on my blog. I am glad I have attracted such passionate, truly remarkable bunch of photographers!

Thanks Charmaine, Dan & Emma, Dan, Giovanni, John, Roy, Chris, Jason and Augustine (not pictured). 

The reason that this blog still exists, and that I continue to write about photography, sharing my shutter therapy adventures (also on Ming Thein's site), is because of the support from you, this blog reader! So, to whoever you are out there reading this, I sincerely thank you, and I do hope we get a chance to meet in person in the future, if we have not. To all the awesome Perth photographers that I have just met earlier, I wish you all continue to do "shutter therapy" and enjoy photography. 

I have spent the last few days shooting the breathtakingly scenic Perth and I cannot wait to share the photographs with you beautiful readers. I am currently blogging this article from Perth, and will be returning to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow. I shall do one last round of shutter therapy tomorrow before flying out in the late afternoon. My hands are already getting itchy thinking about street shooting tomorrow, the final session in Perth. 

Shutter therapy MUST go on. 

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