Olympus PEN E-PL9 Special Edition Blue

I have just found out that Olympus officially launched their special edition PEN E-PL9 Blue. My E-PL9 review was published on Ming Thein's site here in February this year and I was actually using the limited edition blue for the review! I do think that the blue color is rather unique, definitely not a mainstream choice of color scheme. Personally I prefer my own cameras and lenses to be either classic black or silver, and I am ok with any combination of both but I would not intentionally go overboard with color choices. Call me traditional and conservative but hey that just fits my own style and personality.

Nonetheless, for those who love bombastic colors and daring to be fashionably loud, I can totally see how the denim blue can fit into creative style easily. After all, if you are just shooting as a hobbyist, using a camera that looks good can inspire confidence and you want to pick it up more and use it frequently. I always thought Olympus PEN cameras look sleek and classy in their own way, and suitable for everyday casual users. Having used the special edition blue E-PL9 for a week or two, I did grow to quite like it.

Here are some of my favourite shots from my original review article. I remember fondly how impressed I was with the little camera's performance, delivering even in demanding shooting circumstances. I am sure many will complain about the lack of EVF attachment option, but if you do want a viewfinder, there are plenty of other options, E-M10 Mark III or even some Panasonic counterparts.

The Olympus PEN E-PL9 Special Edition Blue is available for pre-order from B&H here (click). 

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  1. I think the colour schene is drop dead gorgeous! I'd love to buy one, but don't really need it as I already have an E-M1.
    I bought a used E-PL5 a year ago for a holiday where I wanted to travel light (cycling). I sold it after my holiday but I can see myself hunting for a blue E-PL9 for my next cycling holiday. And I might even keep it afterwards!
    Great photos, as always, Robin!