A New Beginning For Malaysia and A New Sigma Lens Review

Today is a historical day for us Malaysians, as the post-election results favored the opposition for the first time in history kicking the ruling government out since the country's independence in 1957. The previous ruling party has been in power for over 60 years and has controlled the country for far too long. It is time for a fresh new beginning, and I am foreseeing challenging, difficult and exciting times ahead. Regardless of what will happen, for better or worse, shutter therapy goes on.

On a more photography related note, today marks my first ever Sigma lens review being published in Ming Thein's site here (click).  I have had a blast shooting with that lens and it was nice using something other than Olympus or Panasonic on a Micro Four Thirds body for once. There were some interesting surprises shooting with the lens exceeding my initial expectations, and also some aspects of the lens performance did fall short. Nevertheless, it is a good addition to the ever expanding Micro Four Thirds lens family and I can see many poeple finding what Sigma has to offer very compelling.

For more photos and full review, please do read them over at Ming Thein's site.

One win for the country, a fresh start. The storm is not over yet.

Personally to me, the change of the government is not enough to change the country. The people need to change, and being a Malaysian myself living and breathing in this country, I honestly admit that there is a lot the people here need to change in terms of mentality and growing up as a citizen. Surely this is one step to the positive direction, and like everyone else, I am hopeful for the best.


  1. Robin, it's Tom B in USA, long time since I've posted here (you were still at Oly! I was at NetApp in your building). I'm very happy for all the positive changes that have been happening in your life. And I know how much you love Malaysia, so I also hope that this new day is the beginning of many positive changes for your country. But you are absolutely right - true change comes from the people. Each heart, each mind, must change. Wishing you the very best!

    1. Hey Tom,
      Come back to Malaysia, we miss you! Thanks for the well wishes, and lets hope for better things to come.

  2. Congratulations Malaysia!
    May this be a sign of renewal...

    ( Sweden had the same party for 40 years, the Social Democrats 1932-1976, also FAR too long.)

  3. Hi Robin.. My name is Michael..
    The photo of the three men, brilliant! So much going on, yet everything fits like a glove.. The colors, the textures, at first I thought it was a painting? And how easy it is to view the image as a whole, and yet it also appears there are three completely different photos within the one..
    Man, what a great photo..