Nature Thru The Lens - An Exhibition by Malaysian Nature Society

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Hey beautiful people! If you have not found out, I have joined Ming Thein's site as a contributor, and will actively write and share about photography there. However, I will still keep this old site of mine alive, with updates about happenings of photography community around Malaysia, a little bit of personal journal and also random stuff about life and things that go about around me. 

Last evening, I was invited by Mahesh, an awesome photographer friend to attend an exhibition launch that he was participating in. The photo exhibition was titled "Nature Thru The Lens", organized by Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), which was also a fundraising for the MNS group. The exhibition showcases immensely inspiring, 81 tightly curated nature and wildlife themed photographs from dozens of local Malaysian photographers. The exhibition is now taking place in The White Box, Publika, happening daily from 13 to 18 June 2017. The entrance to the exhibition is free, and the photographs on display are also on sale with profits going directly into nature conservation funds.

I attended the event, finally not as a representative from the manufacturer, but as a blogger, photography ally and a friend to the MNS. The launching of the event took place yesterday evening at 8pm, formally officiated by Tan Sri Dr Salleh Mohd Nor. It was an evening full of fun for me, catching up with friends from the industry, people I have worked for previously when I was in Olympus as well as meeting up many new photographers. Most importantly, I get to soak myself silly wet in the world of amazing nature and wildlife photography, a genre that I have not explored extensively. Some of the images in the exhibition blew me away, and carved new inspiration in me to brave the forest to shoot some photos. Surely, anyone who walks into the exhibition will go home with rejuvenated sense of photography inspiration, regardless whether you are a nature and wildlife photographer, or not!

As usual, being the blogger/photographer self, I went along with a camera and took some random shots. My itchy hands need some scratching, and what better way than take some random documentation shots of the event itself, and sharing them here:

The White Box, Publika is an awesome venue for any photography exhibition. Spacious, with plain white walls and good lighting. 

The prints were sponsored by Epson Malaysia, and surely it was amazing seeing high quality prints of great photography work in person. Great photography is meant to be seen in prints. 

The Emcee of the night, super jubilant and expressive in personality!

Mr Henry Goh, the President of MNS giving his opening speech to the event. 

Tan Sri Dr Salleh Mohd Nor's short speech, as well as officially launching the event. 

Alex Foong, the group coordinator and the main strong force behind this exhibition

It was a full house 

My imperfect group shots of the committee and participating photographers, well I did not want to get in the way of the official photographer!

KK Tan, a great photographer, who happened to be the official photographer of the event as well. Awesome work on display dude!

Mahesh Kulkarni, showcasing his inspiring work. Thanks for the invitation dude, appreciate it! During our conversation about his photography in the exhibition, I had a hunch that one of the close up shots of a fern (not pictured here) was taken in Sarawak. He revealed to me I was right! Hah, I am a true Sarawakian after all. 

Alex Foong, the man that made the exhibition possible! Congratulations, and what a job well done! 

If you are in Kuala Lumpur, why not pay this exhibition a visit? It is free to go in after all. 

Also, if you are around in the weekends, there are talks and sharing sessions happening too, at the exhibition venue. Some of the master photographers will be there to share their experience and photography work. I will surely try to catch one or two of the sessions. There will always be something to learn, if you keep an open mind, and interesting, cool people to meet!

Do check out the Malaysian Nature Society's Facebook here, and maybe I will see you there!

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