Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Much Needed Shutter Therapy

Last one week has been a crazy working week for me, with back to back business meetings, training sessions and I just wished the weekend had come sooner. I had only one goal in mind, to walk on the streets and just have my shutter therapy, ending the session with nice, expensive cup of coffee.

I did just that, and boy was I refreshed! I brought along the Olympus PEN E-P5 and 17mm F2.8 pancake lens, and just shot anything that I thought was interesting. No specific agenda or objectives to fulfil, just me and the camera against the streets. Sometimes I do wish life is just as simple as that, without all the complications and dramas, which honestly did not add much value at all to how we live our lives.

Crates of eggs



Traffic Light Colors

Red, Blue, yellow

Hard Work



Umbrella vs Arrows





Jason Lioh, image taken with Huawei P9 with Wide Aperture Mode

My weekend dose of overpriced coffee

Took some time to finally read Poems written by an awesome friend in Kuching, Georgette. 

And finally, a selfie through a blurry window glass


  1. Hi Robin, did you get a P9. I have been neglecting my E-M5 and E-PL7 since buying the phone. Now thinking of selling the E-M5

    1. I am currently using a loan unit. Been doing reviews on the P9's camera. Well, if I can change lens on the P9... I might use the Olympus less.

  2. Great photos for once again! These photos are a good example that we don't need buying the most expensive lenses and the latest cameras to produce such nice results.

    PS. How do you handle noise in your photos? I think that at same conditions my photos has so much noise and with OV3 I can't make good NR as you do.

    1. In these photo, they were taken in broad daylight at ISO200. Hence no presence of noise.

      I generally find the noise control to be effective straight out of camera, and even using Olympus viewer 3, the noise filter does a great job at minimising noise and maximising details. The chroma noise is completely erased, maybe you were referring to the luminence noise which is not a problem at all.

    2. Chroma noise is well handled by OV3. Luminance noise is my concern. If you where shooting at ISO 200 then there is no problem at all. Sometimes a notice strange pixels (like noise) at out of focus areas of the picture. Though I am not sure if it a problem of my screen.

      BTW i really like the photo with the yellow arrows!

    3. I have no issues with luminance noise. I think they added structure to the image, making it look more "real". You must understand that when you go high ISO, you lose image details. By getting rid of those lumiance noise, you get overall "smooth", water color painting kind of image which is quite flat and I do not like that.

    4. I understand that. I have to raise the ISO settings when I shoot indoors photos of my son. I need 1600 to 3200 ISO and I understand that I lose details but is better than a blurry image.

      Thank you for your time Robin :)

  3. I limit my ISO to 6400 on my omd-5 mkII as for my canon 5D mkII, frustating on the Olympus is the size of focus point a big big green square comparing with the small red point on the 5D ( of course I am on "S" focusing position, the finest ) most of the time you can't focus on a eyes because the square is too large.

    1. That is very strange at all, I find focusing on the eye so easy to accomplish with the focusing on Olympus E-M5 Mark II. Much easier and more accurate than the 5D Mark II. Of course if you are saying 1DX series or even the new 7D Mark II, I would understand, but that 5D Mark II does not have focusing that matches the capabilities of the E-M5 Mark II, at least not in terms of accuracy.

  4. Nice pics again Robin! Sorry for being a gear head but I notice the E-P5 in the last 2 posts instead of the E-M10 II. Is this by choice or circumstance? I am looking at upgrading my E-PL5 to either of these. I like to control dials on the 10-II but the P5 without the VF4 is closer to what I want size wise. I also like that the VF4 tilts and I can put it on when I want. Tough decision. I'm just wondering what factors help you decide which to take with you.

    1. My precious E-M10 Mark II is currently with a friend who will travel to Europe soon. But hey for street photography E-P5 works just as great, with the VF4 of course. I strongly suggest having a look at E-PL7 instead of E-P5. You will greatly appreciate the 3-Axis IS and the much better LCD screen! Also the newer processor Trupic 7!

    2. Thanks Robin! My PL5 has stabalization, is it a lesser system than the PL7? My PL5 lacks front/rear dials and it is frustrating tweaking exposure. The PL7 looks similar but is it better in this regard? I use a GX8 for shooting hockey and speed and resposiveness is my main concern but for most other shooting I am getting a bit bored with a camera that nails everything for me. So for my shutter therapy I am shooting manual, including focus. I've started to enjoy missing shots because it makes the ones I nail more dear to me. I don't do this when the subject is important.

      I like my GX8 and it does manual very well but I like Oly jpgs better. I know the new camera's have better image engines but even my PL5 is okay. Can't justify a PEN F and to be honest even if I could, that camera doesn't appeal to me for some reason.

      I like that you are giving the 17mm/f2.8 some love with this post. It's been given a pretty hard time by reviewers but I like that the image isn't perfect. I think some subjects will age better with softer images.

      I've been following your battle with this FOV and the X100 etc. I'm quite a bit the same way. Keep up the great work!

  5. Hi Robin,
    nice to read and see your pics again. I must visit KL one day.