Back to Pudu, One of the Best Places to Shoot in KL

I have not been to Pudu for quite a while now, since most of my friends prefer to shoot around Petaling Street area in Kuala Lumpur. Last weekend, I decided to go for a short solo adventure on the streets, a personal shutter therapy session, and I thought why not revisit a place which I used to shoot a lot at not too long ago. Pudu is a busy, busy wet market, full of life and people and activities. People here are generally very friendly and will not mind having their photographs taken, unlike in Petaling Street, a tourist heavy area that the locals there are attacked by cameras way too often. 

After flirting with the old, gorgeous Olympus Camedia C-8080, I am now back to using the OM-D E-M10 Mark II. I brought along my usual lenses, 14-42mm pancake kit lens, the 25mm F1.8 and 45mm F1,8. The weather was beautiful and I think I got away with quite a few decent shots!

E-M10 Mark II is my regular camera now, and I am deeply in love with it

The storage area

Morning stretches

Tricolor (or TV3, and you will know why if you are a Malaysian)

Blue Sky

the KL tower

To Murder a Chicken


Twin Towers

Portrait of a Stranger 1

Portrait of a Stranger 2

The Flying Bread. It is called Roti Canai in Malaysia

The temple

Flat White

The City after Sunset

I was hoping for a more dramatic sunset sky but it was cloudy. Oh well I shall come back again next time. 


  1. Beautiful shots as usual, Robin. As one of my friends said, your street shots may look spontaneous and casual, but that's an illusion. Each is carefully composed and timed. Just brilliant! I admire your work and encourage my photographer friends to visit your site.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, DaMacGuy! I emphasise on simplicity and not to have too much in a photo.

  2. Hello, i've read your blog post about post processing photos but it is old and I just wonder did you change it?

  3. Oh, don't put roti canai in front of me. :-D Yum.

    TV3? I've seen TV8.

    The chicken looked happy.

    The Fast Going Lifestyle shirt...we all need one.

  4. Wonderful shots Robin espcialy the last one I love.Did you a tripod for that and how long was the exposure ?

    1. Hey David, no tripod was used, but the camera was rested on the hand guard/rail which was flat and steady.

  5. All excellent as usual. Maybe not a dramatic sunset in the last one but certainly interesting cloud formations. The color and clouds remind me of ripples in a pond.

    1. Hey David,
      I was hoping for less clouds, as I was shooting the sunset. Unfortunately the cloud was too thick and it covered the sun!

  6. Robin, I really like not only these photos as photos, but I also appreciate your ability to show us parts of your city that tourist might never get to see, oddly, even if they went to those parts of the city thwy wouldn't see what you are able to show us! Tourists always stand out in a crowd (I know I live in a city heavily visited by tourists), and people's reactions to them is always different. You seem to have a strong sense of place and time, and it shows in your photography!

    1. Hey Glen, you are being too kind! I dont think so highly of my photos, they are probably more ordinary than you think. Nevertheless, one of the biggest question I always ask myself when I shoot is "how do I make my photos stand out? How do I show this (people, place, subject) differently?" Maybe that shows in the photos somehow!

  7. hi Robin, im from Indonesia, your photos is really good as usual, TV3 hmmmm.... it brings back my childhood memories, in my town, back in 1990, there is not much TV channel from Indonesia, so every day i watching TV3!

  8. Hey Robin, it is great to see you shooting and writing about your experiences. Way back, I was really keen to blog about my own "Shutter therapy" experiences, but I lack the technical and expressive writings that you are gifted with. So keep shooting and thank you for sharing, it is always a pleasure to learn from you. I might one day take up courage to start sharing too. Cheers!

  9. Hi Robin, Having recently invested in an E-M10 Mark II myself, (inspired not in a small way by your enthusiasm for this powerful little wonder) I am finding my way around the settings - apart from a brief flirtation with Canon my previous experience was with film (OM2N). During my initial research for this camera I came across your OM-D Camera Cheat Sheet.

    It was written pre EM10ii and almost exactly a year ago. What if anything would you change now, especially in relation to your new regular camera?

    Thanks for a great blog. Mark J