Street Photography Is About....

Found an old image of myself, taken several years ago by a dear friend, Luke Ding during one of our many photowalks around KL city area. 

There was a background with a gigantic word "Fun" on it. 

I figured, this could make a good introduction slide in my upcoming Street Photography presentation that I am working on now. 


  1. I am sad to see that this blog has gone commercial in its presentation and monetization has been enabled. The banners that appear in between the articles cheapen the content immensely and no longer give credibility to otherwise great content. I could tolerate the side banners, but right in the middle? I no longer know what is yours and what is slapped there randomly from advertisers...
    Robin, in my opinion, that was not a great move. It might make you a bit of money but I dislike what I see. No offence, just my opinion, of course :-)

    1. dear gnarlydog, the advertisement has been there for years. no one has complained so far. you are the first. I take feedback from my users seriously. However, since there is only one complain so far, I shall be waiting for more feedback before taking action. In case you missed this blog entry:

      If you read the comment section, everyone was supportive.

    2. Robin, my bad then.
      It could be that I totally ignore side banners (on your site and others, something my brain has learn to do) but I am must be really getting forgetful if I didn't notice the adverts BETWEEN the articles before, in the horizontal space.
      Do you have control over the display of the ads? or is just something that happens at Google and whoever buys that space?
      Could it be that my browser was blocking ads and now no longer does it?

      OK, you might not receive many (or any) complaints but that does not mean that people are not noticing and are annoyed. I would hate to see you site becoming something like some of those sites that one has a hard time to understand where the article starts or finishes: obviously effective from the advertising point of view but slightly too annoying to keep it in my favourites/subscribe.
      Please don't become something like this:
      A visual "dog's breakfast" as we say in Australia :-)
      Keep up the good honest work and don't totally sell-out to the man...

  2. Hope the presentation goes OK Robin. I bought the OMD 12-42 pro lens recently. Very happy with it indeed! I heard rumours of an EM1 MK2 coming out this year, any idea if this is true? I am using an EM-10 but will think about upgrading if the EM1 MK2 is out this year.

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  5. nice photography the pics was awesome, the same thing you can do with the Mobile Camera Lens also