Ending The Year With Shutter Therapy

Today is the actual day of my birthday, yes I am a Boxing Day boy. Unfortunately, Malaysia decided to not celebrate Boxing Day as an official national holiday, or else it would have been so cool having my birthday falling on a public holiday every year. Nonetheless, it is Saturday today so it was not too bad at all. I have had private celebrations with my friends, and I have even blogged about it here (click). 

The year is coming to an end fast, and I could squeeze in one last shutter therapy session, which turned out to be quite a fruitful one. I can not think of a better idea for the last blog entry of the year. This year has been quite an interesting year for the blog, though the total number of blog entries has decreased (111 posts in 2014 vs 83 posts in 2015), I actually put more effort and spent more time in composing many blog entries that I believe will benefit the general crowd that comes visiting here: the Micro Four Thirds community, and learning photographers. 

I am not one to make new years resolutions, but hey, I can definitely want to continue blogging, shooting and sharing photographs from my shutter therapy sessions. 

I will be taking a break from work, travelling home to visit my mum and spend some time with her. I shall celebrate the New Year with her, and that means, I will not be blogging too actively for the coming few weeks. I will make time for shutter therapy in my beloved hometown, Kuching, that is for sure! So do expect small updates. 

All images were taken with Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II and M.Zuiko 25mm F1.8 and 9mm F8 Fisheye Body Cap Lens. 

I love how wide the 9mm F8 fisheye body cap lens. I know the fisheye effect distortion is not something that many people can accept, but hey, I think it does create dramatic outcome. 

Another shot taken with the fisheye body cap lens. 
Just a play of the light and shadow at the stairs and walkway in a train station. 

Portrait of a Stranger 1

Portrait of a Stranger 2

Portrait of a Stranger 3

Morning market

Removing the scales from the fish

Morning People at the Market

The Friendly Guardian



taken at a certain angle, and applying some distortion correction, the image from the fisheye body cap lens can look quite pleasing. 

The sky was beautiful

My birthday gift that Jackie helped custom-painted, Gundam Saviour. 

Because, light sabers are so cool. I mean, beam sabers (Gundam lingo). 

I hope the year has been an awesome one for each and every one of you! Here is me wishing you a wonderful and even better year ahead in 2016. 


  1. Happy Birthday, Robin and please keep on blogging
    Have a great time in your hometown and a good start in 2016

  2. Happy Birthday and thank you for the wonderful blog

  3. Happy birthday Robin, and thanks very much for your unselfish blogging about your photography experience . Learn a lot from you . Enjoy your holiday in Kuching .

    1. I think sharing is a good thing! Thanks for the kind words and well wishes.

  4. Happy Birthday, Robin!
    In November I was in Borneo and in Kuching also. I did not know it was your town!
    Thank you for your blog and I wish you a happy year 2016.
    Roberto (Italy)

    1. wow, I have greetings from robocop!
      Yeap, I am from Kuching.

  5. Happy Birthday Robin,
    thanks for blogging and sharing the beatiful photos,


  6. Happy birthday, Robin. And thank you for sharing your photos! Andrea

  7. Happy B'Day Robin, thanks for your sharing. It's all great ...

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  9. Happy Birthday n hav a good happy holiday wit mum.god bless you.

  10. Happy Birthday n hav a good happy holiday wit mum.god bless you.

  11. Enjoy your break from work with your family.
    I Enjoy your blog, please keep up the good work as I learn a lot from your humble blog.

  12. Happy birthday Robin!
    Keep up excellent work.
    Greetings from Croatia

  13. Happy birthday Robin. Was 2nd fisheye lens software corrected in camera or which S/W. please put firmware 4.0 on EM1 on 1st quarter user list. Thanks for. 40 to 150mm f4.0 R review.
    I might use new firmware on food photo updates!
    Veggiepowerburgers.com eBook.

  14. Happy Birthday, Robin! Enjoy your time! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

  15. Happy Birthday and a Joyous New Year!! Thank You for all your work here!

  16. Hope that your birthday was good!

    I spent some time in San Francisco with the Panasonic GX8, 25mm f/1.7, and a wide angle/macro converter and it didn't do nearly as well as the body cap lens. Little, inexpensive solutions are fun, even if they're not great for work.

  17. Happy Birthday and another good year of sharing from you, looking forward for 2016 of photo thoughts and sharing.

  18. Wow!! Awesome photography. Excellent and brilliant work.
    Best Candid Photographers in Pune

  19. I also do like the 9mm body cap lens. I have used this lens together with an omd e-m10 mark I body to participate in the Viennese Photomarathon (http://www.fotomarathon.at/Wien), where one of my Photos was choosen to win one of the themes categories (http://www.fotomarathon.at/Wien/2015/Bildergalerie/Beste-Bilder/17-%28Stadt-%29Landschaft). I don´t mind about the distortion and try to use it creatively to avoid too much post processing. All pictures in this fun competition have to be taken in jpg format only without any post production. Short and simple.
    Greetings from Vienna

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