35mm Adventure at Pudu Market

In the continuing effort in learning 35mm photography, I brought the beautiful Fujifilm X100 to Pudu Market, the largest wet market in Kuala Lumpur (and possibly Malaysia). I do not remember using much 35mm perspective in this market, my favourite perspective has always been 50mm, especially shooting in this market. Nevertheless knowing that I will work with very tight space, a wider coverage is always a plus point and having more fitted into a frame forces me to consider my shots more carefully before pressing the shutter button. The market setting is possibly the messiest place to achieve clean composition. 

Joining me this morning was the new friend from Germany, Stephan as well as the KL streets regular Nick. We started earlier than usual, to catch the beautiful morning light, and that really did pay off. The lighting on human portraits were fantastic, and there is almost a magical glow thanks to the beautiful morning light. 

Gigantic Fish
We were lucky to have come across these two friendly market sellers. We did not approach them, they saw us with our cameras, and immediately asked us to come to them as they picked up those huge fish!

Chicken for Dinner?
This man wanted to pick up a fish (again, we did NOT ask him to do so, he volunteered) but since we have got such good shots of the huge fish previously, Stephan requested this dude to pick up chicken instead. He happily obliged. We were happy photographers. 


Empty Carts

behind the door

Portrait of a Stranger. 
I know I did not have the right focal length with me to execute this shot, but I guess old habits die hard. I could not resist the temptation to do a close up portrait. 

I do not know what Begiras mean. 

Give and Take
I do not shoot much homeless/beggars photos these days. However, that location this lady chose to sleep in just begged to be photographed. 

Red Shirt
I like how comfortable this man looked standing while speaking through his phone. 

Very Friendly Market People

Portrait of a Stranger 2



Nick vs the Umbrella

Stephan from Germany. 
Hope you enjoy your first visit to Pudu!

The session ended with an expensive cup of coffee. 

I'd say it was a morning well spent! The weekend has just started. More things to come, stay tuned, things are about to get exciting very soon. 


  1. Once I asked someone who looked like an interesting character if I could take his pic and he said only if he could punch me in the face. I don't think he was kidding lol. And you went to Coffea Coffee, as I mentioned once I like the one in Pavillion Mall. Which Coffea Coffee branch is also very good?

    1. Hah. I dont think that would happen in Malaysia.
      This was at Pavilion as well. Convenient since it was not far from Pudu. We walked there for lunch and coffee. It was good.

  2. Awesome as always. I think I like "eggs" the best. She seems to be thinking "What am I going to do with all of these eggs?"

  3. My fav is the staircase. I have 4 b&w staircase photos from Greece hanging on walls in house. One also has graffiti writing? Stairs up always seem to be taking us somewhere... loved your food pics as well and they look pro. What I meant in reply to that was cropping in very close to only part of food makes for a very interesting shot with food bleeding over all 4 edges of picture. Veggiepowerburgers.com

    1. Love the staircase also. Shot that before and this time I had a slightly different composition.

  4. Those street portraits of the strangers look up to your usual high quality, even if you brought the wrong lens. I'm just the opposite of you, always preferring 35mm over 50mm. Wide is good; you can always crop but you cannot add what you did not capture. So, I actually got the 12mm f/2.0 before I got the 17mm f/1.8. Now, I like to stick one of them on my E-M10, put the 45mm f/1.8 in one of my pants pockets, put a spare battery and a cleaning cloth in the other, and head out the door. The problem is to decide which lens to take and which one to leave.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I also agree with your choice of lenses: bringing one wide and one medium tele for the street. One to capture more environmental shot and one for tighter composition just in case.

  5. A lot of delicious looking photographs, nice portraits, and the coffee to conclude it.... outstanding. All the captures are class. :) Wonderful work.

  6. Wonderful shots, as usual. So you fell for the many charms of the sexy Fuji, huh? I can't blame you... I bought one too. Excellent street camera.