Randomness Until I Have Time for Shutter Therapy

Work and life have been busy lately, hence no shutter therapy for the past weekend. The consequence? I do not have photos to share here. Nonetheless, I spent some time digging up some shots of random stuff taken from all over the places from the past few weeks, and I decided to just put them together here. 

I love coffee. I may not be a coffee-fanatic, but I have drank enough coffee in Australia (years ago) to tell which is bad and good coffee. Good coffee in Malaysia is ridiculously expensive. I cannot understand how can a cup of coffee cost more than a full meal here. 

Alex and Olga from Russia! My first visitors ever from Russia. What a joy to meet them and had dinner together. I was so intrigued about the culture and food in Russia, because that part of world is completely alien to me. 

Sometimes I do shoot with my phone, though not as often as I used to. I thought my older phones were rarely used because of a few issues with the phone: the built in camera was not good enough, the battery life was poor so I avoided using the camera to pro-long the battery span. Now I had a better phone with quite a decent built in camera, I still do not find the desire to use it. 

Banana Leaf Rice. Something I never had growing up in Kuching (Indian community is small there). 

Not sure why I have not published this before (or I have and forgotten, oops, hopefully not). There is something about this portrait that I find striking, and I like the emotion that is projected. Or maybe it was the way the M.Zuiko 75mm F1.8 rendered the image. I do not really know what the magic was, but whatever it was, it worked. 

One of the random cat shots I have taken with Stylus 1. I should take more random cat shots. 

Ridiculously expensive breakfast to accompany overpriced coffee. It was so good!

Some salmon fishcake thing

Nothing beats the old-school Kaya Roll! This was at Yut Kee, a restaurant operating in KL since even before the World Wars!

I do feel guilty for not keeping this place updated as frequently as I like. I should find time to shoot this weekend, and perhaps, it will be a shutter therapy with revenge!


  1. Enjoy every day, no matter what!

    I wonder if the prices of coffee in Penang are cheaper than in KL, as most people I knew there were often going for a coffee, while meals were expensive.

    1. Depends on what coffee. If it is local coffee from the kopitiams then it is cheap. But if the coffee is from the uppish hipster type of cafes then it would be super overpriced.

  2. I like that 75mm lens, but I always remember that the eye and the brain are far more important that a bit of kit. Thanks Robin

  3. Don't feel guilty - over the years, you've shared tons and tons of excellent material with all of us. It's your blog and you don't owe anybody anything. It's still is a pleasure to have a look every time!

    1. Thanks Andre, good to hear from you again! I do wonder if we will ever get to meet one day.

    2. Thanks Robin - it's always a pleasure to look at your work and read your excellent, real-world reports. I've been far too busy (sounds familiar?) but one day, I am sure, we'll meet up in wonderful KL. At that occasion I'll bring something special, not just my crooked smile and old Nikons ;-)

  4. Robin

    I give up, how do they get that impression on the top of the coffee in the cup?

  5. All the photos are beautiful. But has anyone noticed that black and white images are more interesting and eye catching than the colors. Sun Focus Photographers