KLPF 2014 Day 2

The second day of Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2014 has ended, boy was it an exhausting day, but a fulfilling one. There were so many awesome people who came up and say hi, and I was thrilled to meet many familiar and new faces. 

Today we had a loyal and very talented Olympus user, Amir Ridhwan, someone I look up to greatly, and someone I have learned a great deal from when it comes to insect macro photogaphy. Most of my macro shooting techniques were derived from Amir's and he was truly a great inspiration. We were proud to have him on the main stage at KLPF, delivering his talk "Small Gear, Big Pictures". Listening to his speech, I could not help myself but just be in awe, feeling deeply motivated by a fellow photography enthusiast. He shared many truths about photography learning journey, and from many of his stories I can identify with a handful of them! 

The man himself, Amir Ridhwan, do check out his Flickr Page, he has got some awesome stuff happening there. Thank you so much Amir for being such an inspiration to me, and we MUST go out and shoot some beautiful spiders in the jungle some time soon. I miss those sessions!

Can you believe this image was taken with Olympus Tough TG-3? Amir is seriously a macro expert!

Amir demonstrating on his low angle shot, and how E-M5 helped achieve that with the tilt screen

Perhaps, the highlight of the day was the live demonstration performed by Michael Yeoh, a professional commercial and fashion photographer, who showed how the Olympus Capture works. Basically in the OM-D E-M1's latest firmware 2.0, you will get tethered shooting capability, meaning you can control the E-M1 from a PC (or Mac) by USB tethering. Then the images can be transferred immediately to the computer. We had a studio setup in our Olympus booth, shooting a beautiful model, and the lighting used were consisting of Olympus wireless flash system, using multiple external flash FL-50R units. 

Images captured were then shown in large TV screens for the audience to see, and then live printing was happening and the final printed images were displayed. Nothing beats seeing high quality, professionally taken images on large print. 

Besides Olympus Capture, Michael Yeoh also demonstrated how Keystone Compensation, another new feature added in the Firmware 2.0 for E-M1, works. It is actually a perspective distortion correction, allowing corrected perspective to be done in camera, while shooting. 

Tethered shooting done live, with Olympus Capture

Demonstration of Keystone Compensation

Large Prints of the previously taken images. 

This is the first time we have provided complimentary Professional Camera and Lens Cleaning service for Olympus users in a public, large scale event. Our Japanese colleague, came all the way to join us in the Zuiko Lab team, and helped the professional cleaning service. Surely this adds value to the existing users!

And it was great seeing so many familiar faces! Thanks for dropping by and say hi. 

Ripi and Abhi

Jack Koh


E-PL7 in Black

E-PL7 in Silver

Kevin Tan

Yee Kang

Meng Keat



There is ONE more day left, and let's make the last day AWESOME!


  1. Thanks for another great post! It would be great if Olympus could post a video of Amir Ridhwan's presentation on their YouTube page. ;-)

    1. We did not do any recording for the presentation.

  2. Yesterday I was there too, it seem to me that the crowd were mostly gathered around longer looked up for new camera equipment, accessories, promotions, free camera/lens cleaning, shooting brand promoters and catwalk models than looking at the Photographers' Works / Photos Exhibitions :D

  3. Can you control the em1 from a tablet via USB or bluetooth. Or from an iPhone or Android in tethered WYSIWYG mode?

    1. You can connect to smartphones and tablets via wifi. Yes, full remote control with WYSIWYG. That was the original feature, first introduced in E-P5 last year, and compatible with all newer Olympus devices from there onward

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