Thank You, KK and Kuching

Over the past weekend, Olympus Malaysia has made an appearance in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and Kuching, Sarawak, bringing over our hero Olympus OM-D E-M1 and the accompanying micro 4/3 lenses. During the brief user events in both places, I have met many wonderful people, and I am truly thankful to have so many people coming up to me and saying hi, and telling me that they come to my blog here often. I just want to say that without you beautiful people, this place would not even exist in the first place. Without your constant visits and support, I am not where I am here today, and I would not be able to do what I am doing now. So, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! I treasure every single one of you, though I might not have the chance to speak to every one, but your presence to the event and your show of faith and support meant a whole world to me. 

I have told myself to make an effort to shoot every single people who attended the event, but being nervous, and taking every opportunity I can find to talk to the attendees, I have missed out more people than I thought I would. I think I only took about less than half of the people who came to our events, and I am showing them all here. I am only one person after all, I cannot do everything at once. And during the event I have had a thousand things running in my mind, and so many things I have to look after. So if your image is not here, it is my fault, do not think that you are not important. 

I try my best to remember everyone's name, but having to meet SO MANY people at once, I failed miserably. My facial recognition ability is at the noobest level, and that is my weakness, which I must learn to improve. If you do not find your name here (or wrongly labeled) I apologize in advance. 

Kuching is my hometown. Many of the people who came were my personal friends, some I have known for a very long time. It was an occasion where I thought I was truly home, because it was that special. It was strange speaking in front of everyone. Nonetheless, it was so good to see so many people, so many familiar faces, and I was overwhelmed at the same time. 

I was using my own Olympus OM-D E-M5, and I was pushing myself to use the M.Zuiko 17mm F1.8 lens for all the shots here (except the group shot of course). 


Dr Soon Ruey (middle)

Tzin Wei




Reno Val

Left: Tan Kay Hong (My Primary school friend!)
Right: Frankie Chng (We were the early blogger generation, and we once vowed to use only compact point and shoot cameras! Oh well... things changed)

Allen Ang (another long time friend!)

Rose Wong (OMG Long time no see!!!!)

Gabriel and his brother, Jonathan

Methos Phang

Rizal Amad

Me and Rizal (taken with his phone)

Pierce Wong


Left: Asfan, right: Arrifin


Thank You Kuching!


  1. Thanks Robin for your awesome presentation...really amazing camera and poison me alot now..cannot sleep well for few days thinking EM1..hahaha

    1. haha..kay hong here..i miss used my company google acc for comment.. :P

    2. Kay Hong,
      Thanks for coming! So nice to see you there.

  2. Olympus for life!!!

    Well, maybe not. But as of now, I am a happy camper with my E-M1, and I find myself shooting a lot more. The images straight out of the camera are amazing. No need to post-process.
    My only gripe so far is that the OI.Share app is not available in all the app stores. Perhaps they are rolling it out based on the release of the product in those countries. I am unable to use those features as of now.

    1. I am not sure what happened but the O.I Share App should be available from App Store anywhere. Which country are you from?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Kuwait (Middle-East). I think the camera is not officially release here. I pre-ordered mine from Amazon.
      I changed the iTunes store to US, and I could see the app, but of course, I can't download it since my billing address is not US.
      When I switch to Kuwait App store, it says the app is not available in the store.

  3. I'm surprised to see Frankie Chng at an Olympus event. The last few times we talked (around 2007 maybe?), it was Canon this, Canon that. Of course, he was working as a Canon promoter at the time. :-D

    1. Oh Sakamoto, you were in Kuching? Or are you in Kuching?

    2. Neither, although it's one of several places on my list to visit. I knew Frankie online as far back as 2004.

    3. Oh whoah! The magic of Internet! He is a friend from hometown and we were bloggers who said DSLR was not a necessity and we would continue using our compact cameras haha. We both use DSLR now. LOL

    4. He did a lot to show what was happening in Kuching, especially with food, while trying to make his business successful.

      If I remember correctly, most people I knew were from East Malaysia first, then Shah Alam, and later, state of Penang, and then, Ipoh and, even Kuala Terranganu. Malaysians are friendly.

  4. Thank U for adding a photo of me in your blog Robin.. It was a great event.. But unfortunately the photo therapy session had to be canceled because of the bad weather.. Hope will get a chance doing street photo with you Robin.. Tks.. :)

    1. No worries Reno, thanks for coming. One day, I am sure that will happen. Kuching is such a beautiful place to shoot

  5. Nice, happy shots of nice and happy people. I like the group shot, too. Well done!

  6. Hi Robin ! Since these r all indoor images were they all flash assisted ?

  7. So good to meet you Robin after so loooooong !!

    and thank you for bringing so many long-time-no-see-faces altogether... Please do have more so we can meet up again... and I've been poisoned !!! Aaargghh !!