Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Taking Chances

Lately, there seems to be an array of unsually significant and consequential decisions I was strained to make up for the coming road I am walking on.

Sometimes I wish things are just plain black or white. Grey areas in life are typically the blind spot that would lead you to a trip down a hole so deep you might never be able to crawl your way back up again.


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We often do our best to make those decisions based on pure logic and practicality. A wise decision should always let the mind speak before the heart. Emotions and feelings should be left out of any sound judgement.

If you could just pause, and take a step slower, and think through the whole thing again before finalizing anything. Sometimes, no, most of the times, you will find that the content of the heart, is all that matters. They have been blatantly ignored and this, is the ultimate cause and effect for the problems and unhappiness of human beings in this miserable world.

Therefore, lately, I know my heart matters. What I want, what I desire, and what I have always longed for, are important, and no longer should be put aside. They should not hide.

Now, I am taking my chances.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Saw this on my way to the city through the tinted bus windows...

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Seriously, where is Superman when you need him?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Ice-Cream Therapy

This is the perfect solution to wash down those sorrow...

Two scoops of Baskin Robbins Ice Cream for the broken soul..

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No wonder people can gain so much weight after a series of depressing episodes...

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Friday night, after dinner...

With some awesome, awesome people.

ORIEL @ Subiaco

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I have been under extreme stress and frustration lately that I do not feel like churning out many words to fill my blog entries. My thoughts and feelings are still running in tornado mode, but somehow I just do not want to make lengthy remarks on anything.

Well, for now, everything will be short, simple, and sweet.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

And Then There Was a Cake...

You know when you woke up with a leaking roof with rain water pouring on your face, walked out the door stumbling down the staircase, missed the bus, and practically almost everything was against you for the rest of the day...

Your life was kinda getting very screwed up.

Nothing seemed to flow your way, and everything just seemed to go wrong. Everything was in such a horrible mess, and all the wrong things happened at all the wrong places and all wrong times.

And you wonder how much more screwed up your day could be?

Then you got home, and you found this waiting for you...

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A sincere attempt by great friends who meant well to cheer you up in the midst of frustration and chaos. A gesture by friends who still care about you and willing to be there for you when you need them.

Then you realise, maybe life is not so screwed up after all.

Thanks (you guys know who you are) I truly appreciate it.

Something sweet is always something beautiful to brighten up the gloomy day.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spare Pair of Jeans

So people, if you do have a spare pair of jeans, what would you do with it?

I believe this is one interesting option that might never have come across your mind...

Behold... the famous statue along the walk of Hay Street Mall, in CBD Perth..

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With the extra pair of jeans someone so generously donated to him...

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And tried miserably to fit properly...

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Well people, this is Perth, the place where the same lame boring statue can never turn out quite the same every time you look at it and you would walk away with a huge smile on your face.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Onyx Bar

Saturday night...

A couple of friends...

A belated, belated birthday celebration..

Out we went...



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Man, how I wish everyday is Sunday so everynight is Saturday Night !!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Moving On

All things come to an end...

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It is time to leave some things behind.

It is time, to move on.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Charmaine

It was one fine Saturday. the third day of the ever-auspicious celebration of Chinese New Year, that one group of wacky people decided to have a surprise Birthdday (belated actually) Dinner for a very beautiful and dear friend, and also a wonderful blogger who has made several appearances in this humble blog of mine, Charmaine, or more popularly known as the Cynical-Idealist. The dinner was at the Mussel Bar, Fremantle.


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The setting for the dinner could not have been any better, with window view over the Indian Ocean at Fremantle Harbour, overlooking the sunset was really awesome. Theres just something about waters and skies and the sunset that never fail to add the mood to any celebrations.


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It has taken quite a bit of effort in planning for this surprise dinner to work, since most of us would have to zip our mouth about the whole thing, while at the same time Charmaine has always been around either for Dota sessions (yes, this gal pwns people on Dota) or random MSN conversations or even hanging out sessions. Nevertheless, we managed to pull it off, and really almost all the credits must go to Chris the superb-boyfriend.

The surprise, which must have been the most difficult element to pull off, was rather successful. Charmaine was indeed, well, surprised !!!


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The shocked look on her face, was definitely priceless.

Anyway, we settled down on our table, and here is everyone.


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This was my first time dining in Mussel Bar, and oh boy, the place was just incredible. The service was top notch, and i believe they are serving some of the best food around Perth. The highlight was of course the seafood. It has been some time since I have treated myself to any delicious seafood, well for the obvious reason: they do not come cheap here. That could be also the reason why I would attack the seafood once I return to Kuching, which will happen like ages from now.


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Another Appetizer: CHILLI MUSSELS

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Since this place is called the Mussel Bar, of course we had to order the mussels. I am not exactly a big fan of mussels, heck I did not even had any mussels before I came to Perth. But having tried mussels in several different places, I would say the mussels here are rather good. The chilli sauce that goes with the mussels was rather special.

Here are some of the food we ordered as mains.


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I ordered the salmon. I still have cravings for anything Japanese, and oh gosh I never fail to have at least once a week my dose of Salmon Sushi rolls. Salmon tastes just good whether it is cooked, or raw, or even half done. I had mine medium rare, and it was served on top of come very funny tasting noodles, which was kind of oily. Oh man, how can anyone not like salmon?? Sheessshh Jon, you are a weirdo.


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I have known Charmaine for many years now. It all started when we flew to Perth on the same plane without even knowing about it until I blogged about the flight and she commented on my blog. Then we met up at the Meet the Pak Lah session when the prime minister of Malaysia travelled to Perth. And following up more bloggers meets after that, we have become more than just connections through blogging. For some unexplainable reasons, she has become deeply immersed in DOTA, and become a regular team player.

It is really great knowing another Kuching person in Perth. It was also an honor knowing her since she had quite a reputation herself being a blogger. And most important of all, it has been really incredible having her as a friend.


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Charmaine, I sincerely wish you a Happy (Belated) Birthday, and may the Lord grant you ever-flowing blessings with joy and laughters. Stay true to yourself, for you are truly a very outstanding character in many ways, and always keep your head up. When you become that someone significant someday, do not forget to look back and say hi to this humble and ordinary friend of yours !!!

Friday, February 08, 2008

First Day of Chinese New Year

On the First Day of Chinese New Year 2008:

I hesitantly woke up to the unusually comforting sound of the heavy rain. Yes, it finally rained in Perth after over a month of draught.

I dragged myself went to work.

I was handed something in red for the first time, no they were not red packets, but instead jobs in red folders describing the urgency: they must be completed the same day. Great.

Tried very, very hard to stay awake throughout the day.

After work, I ventured into the pouring rain and took a bus down to the city, grabbed dinner, sitting in the restaurant alone. Food has never tasted any better.

On the way back, I stumbled upon a friend, he told me “Gosh Robin, what happened to you, you look so damned tired!!”

I got home, bathed (for an hour or more) and blasted my cheap speakers to a deafening volume, since everyone was away for the season.

I played one game of DOTA, and figured it made me feel even more depressed after losing badly. So I stopped.

I hopped on the bed early, and curled into my comfy blanket and sleep in through the coldness of the night. It was still raining outside.

No family, no friends, no firecrackers, no bak gua, no ang pows, no lion dance, no mandarin orange, no annoying Chinese New Year music (thank God) no nothing.

So how was Chinese New Year celebration for you?

Monday, February 04, 2008

Of Airport and Chinese New Year

Perth International Airport. I was there few days ago sending a friend off. Somehow, I do feel like, and wishing badly I was the one going off, flying back to my hometown to be present for the ever-auspicious grand celebration of the year: Chinese New Year. This year, will be my first time being away from home for Chinese New Year. This year, will also be the first time I skip the celebration, for the reason that my Grandmother had just passed away few weeks ago.


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Being there at the airport did bring back plenty of memories. Memories of my first moments in Perth when I just landed, and memories of leaving this land with turbulent state of mind having many issues unresolved previously. Those are precious memories that I have securely set aside and tugged into some place within my heart, but they all just come pouring out when I was there walking around the airport. It is amazing how being at places can trace back your steps and force you to relive your past in so many colourful ways.


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ICED LATTE with Ice Cream

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My friend originally ordered Iced Chocolate, unfortunately we got served with Iced Coffee instead. It could have just been a minor misunderstanding, but we are so used to blaming the coffee house for such common errors. I for one, would vote for just sticking to the drinks and gulp down the icey drinks since I could not be bothered to wait another 15 minutes for my drinks in such ridiculously hot weather of Perth summer.


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I have heard that Perth International Airport is going to undergo some facelift, and possibly an extensive expansion. It is about blardy time, heck I even think Kuching Airport somehow looks better now after all that renovation going on the past few years.


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For some really strange reasons, I was convinced that the elevator sign was actually…. the toilet sign.

It will be quite some time before I will fly the unfriendly skies and find my way back to Kuching, my beloved hometown again. As much as my heart aches to be home with my family and friends, I will just have to make do of whats best and what I have here in Perth currently.

To all my beloved readers.. Happy Chinese New Year !!

Friday, February 01, 2008

The Big Bang

This shot was taken by my housemate, with his Canon S5.

An incredible shot, capturing the big bang of the many programmed fireworks. It was not intended to be overexposed, nevertheless, it tells of a story about how the sky exploded and for the particular moment, the sky shined brightly.

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As usual, fireworks did wonders, because of them, for once in a year..

Almost everyone in Perth looked to the sky.

And they saw miracle and hope.