Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sunday Out for Spidey

As sad as this may sound, I have just watched Spiderman roughly a week ago, while most of the people I know have already watched it and complaining and trashing it like the movie should have gotten the worst movie award of the year or something. Seriously, it is really that odd having heard so many lousy comments on that innocent movie, after all, don't you think it has become a trend for many finale of trilogy-movies to be reviewed rather, harshly? Matrix, X-Men and of course LOTR. I think I stand alone on the LOTR 3 part, but never mind.

Robin, Cynthia, Alicia and Ryan

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Of all the expectations and hype building up over the year, I decided to join Cynthia and her gang for Spiderman 3 on that very same Sunday I went to have a heavy brunch with church friends. Do not get me wrong, I am not exactly a huge fan of Spiderman, I do read a little of the comics, watched the animated series there and here, and somehow, I do know the basic plot of the entire Spiderman world. This is me, not really a Spiderman fan, but just curious to see it myself what other people have seen. How bad can a movie be, right?

You know what? I thought the movie was rather good. No offense to those who think it sucked, but I honestly think the movie did not do any worse than the previous movies, but it did not do much better either. The tempo and style were faithfully maintained, and same formula was used throughout the movie. Stunning graphics, good actions, girl makes boy cry, girl likes another boy, boy becomes depressed, girl becomes evil, love seems miserable, good vs evils struggle, you name it, the usual superhero movie cliche themes. And after all that, the hero will always save the day. How unsweetly predictable.

Camwhoring, aaaaaaahhhhhhh

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I shall not move on to a full review, since I am not really a movie person. I like the fact that the movie stayed true to many of the features originated from the comics, such as the venom part of the story. Am I the only one who thinks the Venom is really cool and adorable? Hmmm... The black costume is sexy too. I was kind of looking forward to the part Peter and Mary got married, but much to my annoyance, it never came to be. Gaaaarrhh !!

Nevetheless, I did enjoy the movie. Ok, you can flame me later, but continue reading first.

And what was more? I had a great company with me. Kian, Cynthia and their friends, Alicia and Ryan whom I have met for the first time.

After the movie, we went to a Chinese Restaurant at Northbridge for dinner.

The Food

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And after filling out stomach sinfully, we headed for a refreshing cup of Bubble Tea each at Utopia. Aaaahhhhhh...... the next picture is for you Dabido !!

Bubble Tea..

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Slurrp !! Man, I think I will need another cup very soon.

No, that was just a drink. And next, we had desert.

Icey-Ice Peanuts

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Alright, I think I am not gonna eat out for the next month considering how much I have spent that night.

It was a long, long Sunday for me, started early at Church, and ended up with Spidey and after Spidey activities. Now this incidentally reminded me of another blog entry which I have done long long time ago.

Spider Black Widow

Please, take a look for those of you who have not seen it before. It is one of my favourites.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday Brunch

I noticed that I am waaaay behind in my updates on what is happening in my life for this blog lately... Oh well, I used to believe that events should be blogged immediately without much delay so that the entries made would be fresh and really keeping everyone up to date.

A blog entry is like a hot bowl of noodles, the longer you wait, the colder it gets, and the lesser attractive it shall become.

I guess sometimes certain things will have to wait and make way for other more relevant and prioritized items in blogging, and when you come to those things that have been set aside for some time, you start to realize that it is getting rather late !! Can't help it either way.

This brunch session, we had it on week ago, right after Church Service. Yes people, I do attend church, if that is what those of you "Christian Fanatics that believe we will die a terrible death if we do not attend church" are wondering about. Cut me some slack already. So yeah, you know how late this entry has been delayed.

In fact, it was such a long time ago, that I could not even recall what the name of the restaurant was !! The place was situated along one of the main streets of Subiaco, leading to the Train Station. Alright, I know that does not help, since there are heaps of restaurants and cafes all around Subiaco to begin with. The reason why we went there was because Jun had discount coupons which we could use to cut back 25% of the total price, and to have that kind of offer at all in Perth is kinda like a huge deal. I shall get the name and made a short note at the top of this entry soon.

The People Having Brunch....

Jae Ann

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Thanks so much for driving me to Church Jae Ann !! Isn't her smile just so so so sweet?


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Ryan bought the new Linkin Park album CD, Minutes to Midnight, which I have already had an earful since a week ago that I downloaded off from the leaked source even before the CD official release worldwide He said that, if you really like the music you are listening to, you would definitely buy their original albums to continuingly support their progress. I do agree.

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But too bad, I am not that much a big fan of Linkin Park myself, though I do find their new album standing out from their previous works. Is it just me, or is there some hint of Gospel influence in the new Linkin Park album? Take a listen to "What I've done" and the subsequent track "Hands Held High"....


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Thanks so much Jun for sharing those discount tickets with us !! Saved plenty of $$$$, 25% is a lot of money if you really count it out. Jun was also my project mate back in University days, we were involved in the currently on going project, Integrated Learning Center (ILC) of UWA. I shall not bore you guys with the details.

Adelina was there with us too, but she was so shy she did not want any of her pictures to be taken, so yeah, just imagine that she looks really nice and sweet. You guys can imagine right? Yeah, just imagine.

Alright... now the FOOD !!

I think this is.... Cappucino..

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Fish and Chips

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My super delicious.... Spaghetti Carbonara !!! whoo hooo...

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Another angle..

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Big Breakfast....

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The food was really good in this restaurant, though the portion would have been more generous I believe. Nevertheless for the original price even without discount, I think they seem rather reasonable and worth it.

My Sunday did not just end there, after Jun fetched me back, I prepared myself for another outing in the afternoon, this time with Cynthia and gang. This, I shall save for another entry. Yes Dabido, there will be bubble tea again !!

Friday, May 25, 2007

How to make Yourself Young Again

It seems rather odd, that people grow so much, and at such great speed that when I stop at one point of my life and take a glance back, it feels like I was still 5 years old, begging my grand-dad for an ice-cream when he took me for a brief walk along a nearby supermarket. Time has passed, and many things changed. The supermarket, previously Upwell at Jalan Song Thian Cheok was closed down, I am no longer five years old, I have finished uni, and my beloved Grand-dad has moved on to a much better place. We inevitably grow old.. and it is how nature intends us to be, but somehow, I believe our hearts do not quite catch up to the ageing rate in the physical sense.

Products available in the market to treat, or rather artificially and superficially slow down the ageing process in the appearance/cosmetic level have always earned a secure place in the consumer's heart. More than ofteh, people are willing to give anything to look even just a few years younger, or even sadder, just to think and "believe" that they do look that way when none of the alternatives actually bear any results. I guess it is just common survival instinct that lurks inside our very conscious existence, and the outer beauty and appearance have become something to be idolized and prioritized by mainly everyone, some in louder ways than other, and some, very secretly. Age degrades beauty.

My views, can never be any more dissimilar than what I have just described. At the end of the day, we do have plenty of those moments when we wish our time during the younger days could last a little longer. Childhood, yes, those innocent and care-free days. Anyone would give anything to relive them again (provided non-dramatic and traumatized one). Too bad, time does not travel backwards.

I bought myself 2 new books.

I know some of you will probably laugh your heart out when you saw the title of the books.

Yeah, it has got something to do with feeling young again....

No, it is not the Dummy's guide on fighting ageing... nothing of that sort..

But rather...

HuckleBerry Finn

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and.. Tom Sawyer

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Both books written by Mark Twain, long, long time ago, in a place far far away from anywhere I have ever been to.

Right... take a pause and laugh all you want now and when you are done you can kindly resume reading.

So what do these books have anything to do with making myself young again? Yeah, you guys would have known that those books are classics, written in the jurassic era, when people still live on trees and fly around the neighbourhood on UFOs. How can books as old as that be any use in the part of making anyone young again?

I believe, to make yourself feel young again, first of, it begins within you. You grow old, or young, it all comes from inside. You will never realise the power of your inner mind/thoughts until you really put it to test.

The books basically describes in fine details about the lives of two very young boys. Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, both have crossed each others paths in many occasions. I am already halfway through Tom Sawyer, and I cannot help it but feel myself being filled with so much excitement and joy that I have not felt since my childhood days. All the thoughts and emotions that run through their minds, I have most certainly thought and felt them before at one or more encounters in my childhood. The book itself is a clear reflection of what boys are, and what they think of, and capable of doing in the younger days, and this generally applies to everyone. It is scarily interesting that though the books were written ages ago, it can still mirror who I was, and the things that went through my mind !! Not a century can change a nature of a child I suppose, the core that makes a boy a boy survives modernization.

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You know, back in my secondary years, my batch was the first SPM year to have English Literarure being introduced into the education system. The novel chosen for our literature studies was The Jungle of Hope, written by someone I would never give a damn about. The book sucked so bad, that after reading less than 50 pages I just chucked it aside and never touched it again. Yes, it was that horrible, why? 1) It was originally written in Malay Language, trannslated into English. Tell me, how can we actually learn anything from a translated work?? 2) Well, the story sucks. 3) Everything about the book sucks !! Yeah, I said that to my English teachers too, and I believe they do agree that the book was not probably the best choice for a Form 5 literature studies. Anyway, I hated literature, never really was my favourite.

I cannot help thinking but thinking what if the books chosen for form 5 literature was Tom Sawyer instead? English Literature would have been my favourite subject of all time !!

It is really refreshing to have something so old as a reading material, yet making myself feeling so young again. When I read those books, I pretend that I am Tom Sawyer, or Huck Finn, and imagining myself acting their stories out as if I am really living it. Oh what a fun way to escape this cruel reality, just the thing I need right now. While I am reading the book, while I am being Tom Sawyer, I feel that I can be.....

Forever Young !!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It is good to be Remembered

There is this sweet sweet girl in Kuching, her name is Samantha, together with other sweet sweet bloggers who went out recently, and of many things that they chattered and dreamed away, they still remembered this innocent and sweet soul who has been away for quite some time...

Taken from the blog entry...

".......By the way, the last photo is for our friend Robin Wong. Hello from us all Robin!"

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"This would've been an awesome postcard photo to send to Robin"

For the entire entry, please be directed to Samantha's blog on their outing. Thanks Sam, this dedication of yours is sure a meaningful one !

I think Aaron looks gorgeous doing that pose, while Ivan seemed like he was going to burst out in laughter in any second !!

I miss everyone there, seriously. Of all the things that have happened to me lately that kinda made life seem miserable and depressing (hence the short hiatus), it is just pure uplifting to see that people do think of you even when you are not there, and they would do something to make you smile, even when you are so far away. Sincere gestures like this, is something that keeps us moving, and alive I must say.

Everyone seemed like they were having a BLAST !! I want I want....

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Thanks for remembering me guys.. I truly am grateful and feel glad. How I wish I could be there drinking coffee and chatting crazy stuff while laughing my heart out over some things that probably do not make any sense. I am smiling to myself while writing this entry. It is a sweet and happy smile.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

THe Finale

Last Friday, OCF Perth have had the last Bible Study session for the semester. Since everything should begin and end with something extraordiny, we did something extra for the final BS session.

For every good celebration must include great food, we started of that night with a splendid dinner. There was this new Restaurant called Poppo (do not ask why) and it is situated apposite the famous Taka Japanese Restaurant in the city CBD. Poppo, a Korean and Japanese restaurant, was newly opened, and I was not even aware of it. Four of us, Joash, Jon, Nicole and me had a quick dinner there before turning up extremely late for bible study.

The People @ Poppo


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and Jonathan

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wait... Jonathan is not supposed to look like that.... he faked his looks there..

See below, this picture is the real picture that shows what he really looks like. Sweet...

The Real Jonathan

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Here comes the food...


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Erm, I do not know what the name this dish was, but Nicole and Jon had them..

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and we had side dish.

Prawn Sushi.. Yum...

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The Prawn sushi was soooo good that I ate 3 pieces without knowing that there was only 8 pieces altogether. Darn.... greedy boy I was..

My Bibimbap tasted really good. I suppose they presented and served their food really well because the place was just newly opened. The pricing was slightly above average, and the portion was enough to fill my usually unfillable stomach, so it was indeed worth the money. However, the place was not exactly very huge, with rather limited seats. It was a Friday night, thankfully we found seats upon arrival. Somehow, Japanese and Korean food are becoming the heat over Perth food preference in general. You can find those similar themed restaurants everywhere now, with very reasonable pricings too.

The bible study itself was a total blast. Why not, it was held at Liz's house !! Her house is like, a dream house to me, with swimming pool, a pool table, and plenty of space everywhere !! Darn, I wonder how many dreadful years of working would it be until I could actually afford such a lovely place as a home. Maybe I would not even want to spend that much money for a house when I do have that much money. So yeah, cool and GRAND place for bible study, awesome-ness !!

A glimpse into Liz's palace place...

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The Bible Study was a conclusion of what was previously done in the past 6 sessions spanning over the semester long, and there was a recap of the study sessions. It was really great having all summed up in one session, and finishing it off with satisfying and fulfilling conslusions. Definitely looking forward for the next semester's studies.

A great finale itself must have a great ending too. After the study session some of us headed back, but most of us remained, and we found ourselves joining other bible study groups at Northbridge for Bubble Tea !!

We were at..

Tea Fusion

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My Honey Milk Tea with Sago...

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And look at the expression on their faces while drinking bubble tea...

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priceless !!!

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Everyone's drinking at the same time. Rare shot this was. Very rare for such timing naturally.

It was a long Friday night, well spent, with a company of good friends, coming together in faith, and rounding the entire semester studies of with mild but very meaningful celebration that followed up. Well, that was just the beginning for my rather eventful weekend ahead !! Stay tuned for further updates...

Friday, May 18, 2007

Garden City

A little while back ok more like more than a month back, I decided to take a shopping trip down at Garden City with a good friend of mine, Sarah. Since Sandra lived nearby that area, I instinctively called her out for a meet up that I have promised her. Fortunately it was a Friday and she has had most of her work cleared off, hence free for an afternoon coffee.

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Garden City is one of the popular and frequented shopping malls here in Perth. I gotta say, out of many shopping malls out there in Perth, Garden City has the best looking interiors, and the design itself is not repetitive in every corner. If you open your eyes wide enough not too wide or else your eyes may drop off the sockets you can see that every part of the mall is designed uniquely and different from each other. And there is the sense of prestige and class here, just like something that distinguishes shopping in KLCC from Mid Valley.

Natural Sunlight

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Like all shopping malls in Perth, Garden City utilizes plenty of natural sunlight as their lighting in daytime, though the shopping mall is fully indoors. I wonder why the natural sunlighting has become a trend in Australian shopping mall, but I kinda find them rather cool. Plus the fact that the sun here do not get too hot 3 quarters of a year, so it is a feasible concept.

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I have gotten my old number fixed here. Like most careless mindless ordinary boys out there, I misplaced my old sim-card. Since the place I am staying at is near the city, I went to the Optus shop in the city to get a new sim card with a new number. They asked me to call out their service center, and so I did, followed up with identification and simple instructions. The only setback was, well actually the whole annoyance of the process was that I have tried this process TWICE and none worked !! I saw the Optus shop at Garden City, told them the problem, and guess what? They only asked for my old number, and they fixed it there and then !! In less than 2 minutes. Now this is what I call good customer service. Screw those Optus shops in the city.

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Sandra promised me a cup of coffee in Kuching, which was brought forward to Perth and so I claimed it that day too. Cafe Latte from Aroma Cafe.

Aroma Cafe

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Cafe Latte

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Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Aaaahhhhh Coffee to wrap off an afternoon of window shopping, with a lovely companion some more, how much better could I ask for?

Man, I suddenly feel like wanting to go to Garden City again, though it is not excatly my favourite shopping spot. My favourites would most definitely be Carousel and Harbor Town. In contrast with that statement, the place that I visit the most often (shopping or just jalan jalan) is the city itself, since it is the nearest to where I stay at the moment.

Garden City shopping, anyone?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Story of a Camera Bag

I know I have been away, but it was not that long of a break anyway, so yeah, now I am gladly back to blogging like usual, again. Not only was I not blogging when I was on the "hiatus" mode, I stopped myself from visiting and commenting on any blogs completely. Hence, I was indeed, really away from the world of blogging for roughly 2 weeks. I needed a break. I had my break, and it was indeed satisfying.

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Things were not working that well for me, and things were getting rough. I just needed some time off to sort things out, and reflect deeply into my own life. The break has been fruitful and now I am back, and refreshed. I will revisit all the blogs I usually visit out there as soon as I finished this entry. Do forgive my absence, but I promise I will make up for it.

Last Sunday, I tagged along Jae Ann who gave me a ride to church down to city after the morning service. She and Edmen invited me over for lunch with other friends, I refused at first but gladly joined later when my stomach started to grumble uncontrolably towards the later afternoon. Yes, stomach speaks louder than my mind, and when my stomach speaks, nothing can stop its command.

We had Korean food for lunch. Seoul BBQ Cafe was the place, which was situated very near the immigration department which bears plenty of unpleasant encounters for me. Nevertheless, the lunch turned out to be very pleasant. Just add the two important elements, good friends, and good food, and you sure will enjoy yourself anywhere, and anytime.

Adelina and Jae Ann

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Edmen and Robin

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I had Chilli Squid with rice, a dish which I had before. I was going to try the Fried Chicken, but considering the fact that the pricing on the menu was the same for both the squid and chicken, having the conventional calculative mind from Kuching, I opted for squid. Chicken is too common, and cheaper, and so not worth the price.

Bi Bim Bap

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Chilli Squid

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Fried Chicken

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Just as I was snapping away happily with my camera, suddenly Jae Ann pulled something odd looking out of her bag, and surely it had caught my attention. I did not quite recognize what it was, until a camera came out of it !!

I mean, look at that thing, its white, and rather shapeless !!

The White Bag

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Jae Ann proudly claimed that she made the bag herself !!! Now all you people who spent a fortune on fancy camera bags, eat your own pants ! What material was the bag made of? It was made of a type of cosmetic facial mask very common by Japanese people. Though the material seem fragile, but it does its job holding in the camera securely in place.

I asked her, what if the bag breaks? She said, she has MORE ! Hah....

How cool is that?

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Jae Ann and Edmen shared the same opinion with me that a camera should be brought everywhere we go to. Sometimes, there are just things that would happen there and then, and if you do not have the medium to capture and record it, that moment would disappear out of trace. Photography is not just an art, it is a source and powerful tool of preserving rememberance.

People, if you do not have a camera, get one !! You will NEED it, in one way or more. If you have one, why are you letting dusts piling up on the cover? Take it off the shelves and use it. Life has so much to offer, and you can share it through your photos.